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One Dude One Day – Daniel Büttgen

Probably one of the craziest one day edits ever. Freedom BMX dropped another installment in their “One Dude One Day” series with Daniel Büttgen and it is straight fire. Usually edits like this are in the works for a week or so, but Daniel managed to film it in just one day. Give this one a watch, it is a must.
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Game Of HORST – Daniel Tünte Vs Moritz Nussbaumer

Now this is one epic and unbelievable Game of HORST, Freedom BMX filmed with Daniel Tünte and Moritz Nussbaumer. These two have so much skills on a bike and both are pulling wild tricks really clean and really smoothly. Don’t miss this one, because you’ll going to enjoy it.
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One Dude One Day – Diogo Santos In Glasgow

Last year Diogo Santos made a trip to Glasgow, Scotland, where he met up with the local shredders and cruised around to kill some street spots. Freedom BMX’s own Markus Wilke spent a day with him filming stuff and this is what they managed to get. Diogo is a sick guy and here are a few really solid moves. Enjoy.
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New Freedom BMX Cover, Issue 116

You are looking at the new Freedom BMX magazine issue, issue 116, which’s cover page went to Marc Remmert, pulling this sweet toboggan.

New Freedom BMX Cover, Issue 115

Max Gaertig scored himself a cover for the 115th issue of the Freedom BMX, a German based BMX magazine and to no one’s surprise, it has something to do with a tailwhip. Well, Max sure is a master of tailwhips, so this is just the right thing. Head over to their site to see what this issue will be featuring.

2013 Wethepeople Autumn Session Highlights

We have seen some stuff from the 2013 Wethepeople Autumn Session that went down at the Skatehall in Trier, Germany, but here are now video highlights, brought to you by Freedom BMX, from the whole day, including all the best moves. Featuring Kilian Roth, Daniel Tünte, Marcel Gans, Carlo Hoffmann, Felix Prangenberg and more.
First place went to Daniel Tünte, second to Felix Prangenberg and third to Michael Meisel.
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Freedom BMX – Gangbang Bikes Edit

It looks like this piece took a little longer to come out than expected, but it was definitely worth the wait. Freedom BMX met up with Adrian Kölz, Niklas Wille, Leon Berthold, Timothy Jones, Dennis Erhardt, Oskar Martens, Hagen Schubert, Lukas Gallinger and Graziano Lombardo from the Gangbang Bikes team to make an exclusive web edit for the page. German kids are going wilder and wilder.
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Freedom BMX “First” – Paul Thölen

Freedom BMX caught up with 14 years old Paul Thölen to get an episode of “First” done, where they talk about Paul’s first BMX, his first trick(s), his first backflip, his first Instagram photo and more. I know a lot of you won’t understand a word since it is all in German, but at least check out the riding. This kid can go ridiculously big, just check out that backflip.
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Freedom BMX – Felix Prangenberg

Felix Prangenberg is a 16 years old shredder from Germany who won the Red Bull Phenom competition. Here is his latest creation he filmed with Johannes Dreyer for Freedom BMX and it is pure fire, from start to the end. Felix goes really technical with his riding, but is no stranger to 360ing big sets of trails. You better check this one out.
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One Dude, One Day – Christian Ziegler

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Freedom BMX is back with another episode of their “One Day, One Dude” series featuring Christian Ziegler. Christian rides pegless with front brake only and has style that not many has, original creative and one of a kind. Check him out shredding his local concrete skatepark and nailing down hot moves.
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