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Full Factory 3/4 Power Hour

Full Factory 3/4 Power Hour from Full Factory on Vimeo.

Back in September the Full Factory family went to Las Vegas for the Interbike trade show and one night they escaped the whole madness and headed tot the Desert Breeze skatepark for a 45 minutes long session. Riding from Eliot Yo, Eric Cuiper, Mike Gonzalez and Bobby Parker.

Lax X Full Factory


Sweet edit filmed over at the Full Factory ramps with the Lax Film crew and guests Nate Richter, Daniel Martinez and Tom Villarreal. You know the ramps and if you let a heavy crew to ride them you know only good things will happen.
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Full Factory Summertime Sale – 50% Off All Soft Goods

It is Full Factory’s Summertime Ramp Jam this upcoming Saturday, May 22nd, 2013, but to show support to even more riders, they are doing the biggest online sale to date. Only on June 22nd, 2013 you will be able to get all their soft good 50% off. Isn’t that sick? Get geared up.

Full Factory Summer Ramp Jam

On June 22nd people over at Full Factory are opening their newly built and painted ramps to the public for straight four hours. If you live anywhere near you better go there and give these ramps a try. Wear helmets.

Common Crew At Full Factory

The Common Crew, Diamante Hughes, Josh Barker, Evan Corey, Kevin Hamusek, Chaz Lamasa, Chad Bennett, Bobby Holland, Julian Arteaga and others, shredding the new Full Factory ramps. These kids are good as hell and they never disappoint. I think my next trick I am going to try is the one footed nose manual. Enjoy.
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Full Factory Ramps Edit

The good people over at the Full Factory built new ramps and made them as colorful as possible. For an “opening” session they’ve invited a bunch of riders and today Ride BMX dropped the video from the session as part of their Monday Edits. These look even funner due to colors. Featuring Gary Young, Kye Hart, Albert Mercado and more.
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Full Factory Warehouse Sale Session

This past Sunday Full Factory hosted a big warehouse sale and also organized this rad little session at their ramps with riders like Tom Dugan, Eric Lichtenberger, Shawn McIntosh, Gary Young and many more. Everyone who came sure had a good time.
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