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Nigel Sylvester Christmas Giveaway

Animal Bikes, Beats By Dr. Dree, Getorade, G-Shock and Nike teamed up with Nigel Sylvester to put together a pretty big pack, that can be win in this Christmas giveaway on Instagram and/or Twitter. Check out the flyer above for the rules and enter it, winner will be picked on Christmas day.

Nigel Sylvester Feat. Bluetooth 2nd Generation

I remember asking myself what if you could be able to connect your phone with a watch back in the days and look it happened. Actually it happened quite some time ago, you can now connect your watch with your phone and use it for notifications, volume up and down the music and more. Nigel Sylvester takes a G-Shock watch to a test, gets a session in and more. This is rad.
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G-Shock – Ken Matsumoto 2013 Edit

I am always down to watch fresh new footage from Ken Matsumoto. Here is his 2013 web edit for his watch sponsor G-Shock. A lot of style Ken has and also knows how to murder street spots with clean and smoothly pulled tricks.
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G-Shock BMX Day 2013

The fourth edition of the G-Shock and Ave BMX day recently went down and here are the highlights that will show you, how much amazing and very skilled riders Poland has. You know what is the one thing that bothered me with this video? The filming and editing and so is the riding are all on a top level, just the description under the video, I miss the English version. Thanks to Google Translator. Don’t listen to me, click play above and enjoy. For the results head over to the

G-Shock – Nigel Sylvester & Stevie Williams Bluetooth Smart Watch Commercial

This is a brand new commercial for G-Shock’s new bluetooth smart watch with Nigel Sylvester and Stevie Williams. Not only this watch is smart as hell, these dudes even contact between each other with it. Some nice and relaxed riding, great filming and editing and most important thing, you won’t lost your phone if you own this watch. Don’t believe? Watch.
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G-Shock – Chris Böhm And Matthias Dandois Show

Chris Böhm and Matthias Dandois were recently spending some time over in Switzerland doing shows in the name of G-Shock and here is a little something to give you an idea what was happening over there.

G-Shock – Matthias Dandois Session #2

It is really amazing how good can Matthias Dandois combine his unreal flatland skills with street riding and this new web edit from G-Shock is just another proof of that. Must see.
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Animal Bikes “Black Out” Giveaway

With the release of ten exclusive Nigel Sylvester version of Animal Bikes V3 sprockets, they have decided to give away the very first one along with Nigel’s new signature G-Shock watch. You can find all the rules on the flier above. Don’t wait, enter this giveaway now.

Animal Bikes X G-Shock X Nigel Sylvester

To celebrate Nigel Sylvester’s second signature watch from G-Shock, Animal Bikes made a very limited edition of updated version of the V3 sprocket, only ten. For more closeup photos and informations, head over to Animal. This looks sick.

Nigel Sylvester In A G-Shock Commercial

Check out this commercial for G-Shock starring no other that street machine Nigel Sylvester, cruising around the city, while everything is going crazy. Always sick seeing this commercial for bigger brands, especially when seeing BMX in it. Now go out and pop a wheelie.
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