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Strange Days Episode 2

The second episode of Strange Days was filmed over at the Tip Plus ramps and flat rails and ledges and features riding from Miles Rogoish, Augie Simoncini, Caleb Quanbeck, Aaron Brenner, Gabe Brooks, Eric Lichtenberger and more. You know you can not get wrong with a crew of riders like this, so hit play and get ready for a dose of goodness.
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Almosa BMX Jam Highlights

Video highlights from the 2013 Almosa BMX Jam that went down in Albuquerque, New Mexico before the Double Ditch Jam. Pretty big amount of shredders came to murder the place. Riding from Adam Accardi, Dom Roark, Gabe Brooks, Matt Gutierrez, Gil Montoya, Denise Baca and many more.
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Trip With Stranger Mixtape Volume 1

Trip With Stranger is an all new mixtape from the new crew, featuring Gabe Brooks, Miles Rogoish, Caleb Quanbeck, Eric Lichtenberger, Aaron Brenner and Augie Simoncini. The riding is amazing, all went all in, the filming is amazing and so is the editing. No matter what you are doing, I highly suggest you, you watch this one and don’t miss it. Stranger is on it this year and stay tuned for more from the brand after the Interbike, where they will be unveiling a lot of news stuff. Seen on TCU.
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GoldPro Vol 4

Steve Croteau is back with the fourth installment in his GoldPro series featuring all bunch of really good riding clips and other random stuff from Garrett Reynolds, Tony Ennis, Ty Morrow, Jeff Jones, Steve himself, Augie Simoncini, Tony Neyer, Brendn Reith, Stevie Churchill, Sean Sexton, Gabe Brooks, Bruno Hoffmann, Ryan Runke, Brandon Kitson, Chris Marshall, Colin Varanyak, JJ Palmere, Vin Cripsino, Blackman and Kevin Kiraly.
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Stranger Team Clip

Now that was really fast. Earlier today we drop the news about the new Stranger team and it is now that we are posting about a web edit including all six members, Gabe Brooks, Miles Rogoish, Eric Lichtenberger, Caleb Quanbeck, Augie Simoncini and Aaron Brenner.
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New Stranger BMX Team

This is the list of riders that will be representing Stranger BMX to the end of 2013 and maybe also 2014. We saw Gabe Brooks parting ways with Kink and look, he already found a new home. The riders are Brooks, Miles Rogoish, Eric Lichtenberger, Caleb Quanbeck, Augie Simoncini and Aaron Brenner. Now I really hope we will be seeing a lot more from Stranger, then we did over the past year.

Gabe Brooks Off Kink

Gabe Brooke and Kink are parting ways after two/three years of working together.
“Today we’d like to announce that Gabe Brooks and Kink will be parting ways. Gabe has come a long way since we started hooking him up back in December 2010, and I couldn’t be more stoked to see him with new, exciting opportunities in the future. I am proud that Kink could be a part of the Gabe Brooks story, and very happy with the work we did together. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Gabe, no matter what brand he is repping! See you on the road…”

Gabe Brooks, Andrew Jackson And Raul Ruiz in Los Angeles

Brooks, Jackson, and Ruiz in Los Angeles – More BMX Videos

Gabe Brooks, Andrew Jackson and Raul Ruiz cruising around downtown Los Angeles hitting all bunch of rad street spots and each bringing out his original style of riding. A lot of goodness in this new clip, worth checking out.
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Gabe Brooks – From The Park To The Streets

Gabe Brooks – Park to the Streets – More BMX Videos

Gabe Brooks hit the skatepark for a session, but since the concrete was to slippery he ended up hitting streets of Southern California. Freecoaster moves, grinds (regular and opposite), high hop and goofy footed barspins. Hit play and enjoy while beast is killing it.
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Gabe Brooks, Lance D And John Stafford Mix Edit

A quick mix edit Miles Rogoish put together for Ride BMX featuring Gabe Brooks, Lance D and John Stafford hitting spots around the San Diego area. I am sure you won’t be disappointed after watch this vid.