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2012 X Games Street Finals Video & Results

Street finals of 2012 X Games already went down and seeing all these guys ride is completely unbelievable. Here are the highlights featuring Alex Kennedy, Bruno Hoffmann, Chad Kerles, Dakota Roche, Garrett Reynolds, Jeremiah Smith, Rob Wise, Sean Sexton, Simone Barraco and Stevie Churchill.
Find the results after the jump.
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Garrett Reynolds & Simone Barraco On Red Bull

It is now official, Garret Reynolds and Simone Barraco have joined the, already big and stacked with amazing riders, Red Bull team.

Behind The Scenes With Garrett Reynolds & The Fiend Crew

Dan Benson posted on The Albion an awesome photo gallery from the trip he took from San Diego to Arizona with Garrett Reynolds and the Fiend crew, including JJ Palmere, Ty Morrow, Steve Croteau, Miles Rogoish and Tony Ennis. Check it here.

Road To X Games LA – Garrett Reynolds

X Games sat down with Garrett Reynolds to talk about the training for the upcoming contest, what’s best thing for him to come to X Games and why he likes to ride his bike. Along with the interview he nailed down a few moves on the streets.
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Best Of Garrett Reynolds Dew Tour 2011

Alli Sports threw together Garrett Reynold’s best tricks he pulled at last year’s Dew Tour. Garrett goes, tech goes big and does it with style, you know that already. Enjoy.
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SD Cement Park Mix

SD Cement Park Mix – More BMX Videos

Awesome San Diego cement park mix edit featuring Ty Morrow, Augie Simonicni, JJ Palmere, Miles Rogoish, Rob Darden, Rick Scott, Garrett Reynolds and more. A good amount of really good riding from all of the riders.
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Fun Days With Mike

Fun Days With Mike from Michael Hemingway on Vimeo.

Fiend homie Mike Hemingway put together some of the clips featuring Garrett Reynolds, Ty Morrow, JJ Palmere, Tammy McCarley, Miles Rogoish and more. Nothing serious, just about having fun and good times.
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How-To Tailwhip With Nike Team

Nike BMX: How to Tailwhip from Nike BMX on Vimeo.

The Nike Team already taught you how to do a bunnyhop barspin, but it is time for another one. This time Nigel Sylvester, Chad Kerley and Garrett Reynolds give you tips on how to get the tailwhip done.
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How-To Barspin With Nike Team

Nike BMX: How to Barspin from Nike BMX on Vimeo.

While on the San Antonio trip Nike hit up Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Nigel Sylvester and Dennis Enarson to try their best to teach you how to do a proper bunnyhop barspin. Good luck with trying them.
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Nike San Antonio Sessions


I really can not find the words to describe the Nike’s San Antonio edit. Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, and Nigel Sylvester are throwing down tricks and lines that are unbelievable and completely insane, or should I go with retarded. Must see.
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