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Chad Kerley, Garrett Reynolds And Dan Lacey At Dew Tour SF Street Semi-Final

I missed the live stream of the Dew Tour San Francisco street semi-finals, so I decided to throw runs of the first three semi-finalists up here for your viewing pleasure. Chad Kerley, Garrett Reynolds and Dan Lacey all pulled some incredible tricks and everything with ease and style. What a hard job judges have. Check it.

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Dew Tour SF Street And Dirt Semi Finals Results

It was yesterday when you had your chance to watch Dew Tour street and dirt semi finals in San Francisco live behind your screens and if you did you already know who got on that first three positions. And if you missed it, hit read more button and check the results now.
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Dew Tour Street Practice By Ride BMX

Definitely the best video highlights from the Dew Tour street practice to date, brought to you by Ride BMX. Some insane riding already went down from Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Simone Barraco, Brian Kachinsky, Alex Kennedy, Connor Lodes, Kevin Kiraly and others. Enjoy.
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Red Bull “Ride And Seek” – End Of The Road (Finale)

On the very last episode of Red Bull’s Ride And Seek web series Corey Martinez, Garrett Reynolds and Tony Neyer stopped by at the Robbies in Islamorada to feed the infamous Tarpon fish (man, I really want to try this out, these are some big fishes). Later the hit the road and found themselves in a storm just before they are about to cross the 7 mile bridge. They managed to get to Key West to enjoy the last day of the trip, cruising around and just chilling and having some fun. No riding in here, but this was still such a good watch. Enjoy.

Garrett Reynolds Getting Technical At DIY Spot

Alli Sports dropped a sweet video interview with Garrett Reynolds where he talks about California and New Jersey, his favorite video part of all time, his favorite place to ride, what he would be doing if he would not be riding BMX and more. Plus there is as few technical lines in here at this DIY spot in Philly for a good measure. Enjoy.
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Red Bull “Ride And Seek” – Legendary Spots And Wet Socks

The ninth episode of Red Bull’s “Ride And Seek” series is here. Corey Martinez, Garrett Reynolds and Tony Neyer along with Brian Kachinsky and Van Homan hit up Tampa to ride the Skatepark of Tampa and later made a trip to Orlando, where they met up with legend Chad Degroot to ride the famous red quarters. The episode ends with cruising around Miami, Tony Neyer grinding a water ledge and with a finish session at the street euro gap. You know you don’t want to miss it, so hit play and enjoy.
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Red Bull “Ride And Seek” Episode 8 – Barspins And Burnouts

The eight episode of Red Bull’s Ride And Seek series is here. The crew, that consists of Corey Martinez, Garrett Reynolds and Tony Neyer along with Brian Kachinsky and Van Homan, hit the infamous 4 block spot in Atlanta, where Van pulled a ridiculous tailwhip over this insane gap and Garrett ended the session with a 180 barspin over the block and over the crew while Corey is in a motorcycle burnout process. Next day they hit the swimming hole to relax for a bit, get a session done at this fun looking rail spot and finished the day with camp fire.
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Red Bull “Ride And Seek” Episode 7 – Gap To Rails In Atlanta

It is Thursday and you know it is time for the seventh episode of the Red Bull “Ride And Seek” series with Corey Martinez, Garrett Reynolds and Tony Neyer. The crew packed their bags and bikes and took a motorcycle trip to Atlanta, Georgia to ride some untouched spots. And later that night, out of nowhere, Van Homan and Brian Kachinsky came and the trip got even crazier, especially when the hit the gap to red rail spot. Heavy crew equals heavy riding. Oh, and Van also got his first motorcycle lesson, so see how it went for him.
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Red Bull “Ride And Seek” Episode 6 – Grinding Gears In South Carolina

New episode of Ride and Seek from Red Bull is here. Corey Martinez, Garrett Reynolds and Tony Neyer hit up this fun looking DIY spot in Asheville, North Carolina and drove to Clemson, South Carolina where they found this amazing hand rail. All three killed in here, but it’s Corey 180 to double peg to 180 out what is the highlighs in here. This was his first rail after the injury and he pulled in first try. Enjoy.
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GoldPro Vol 4

Steve Croteau is back with the fourth installment in his GoldPro series featuring all bunch of really good riding clips and other random stuff from Garrett Reynolds, Tony Ennis, Ty Morrow, Jeff Jones, Steve himself, Augie Simoncini, Tony Neyer, Brendn Reith, Stevie Churchill, Sean Sexton, Gabe Brooks, Bruno Hoffmann, Ryan Runke, Brandon Kitson, Chris Marshall, Colin Varanyak, JJ Palmere, Vin Cripsino, Blackman and Kevin Kiraly.
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