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Ocean City Dew Tour Park & Vert Prelims Edit

Ocean City Dew Tour Vert + Park Prelims – More BMX Videos

Crazy park and vert riding at Dew Tour in Ocean City, Maryland featuring Garrett Reynolds, Drew Bezanson, Ryan Nyquist, Jamie Bestwick, Simon Tabron, Chad Kerley, Harry Main, Brett Banasiewicz, Dennis McCoy, Daniel Sandoval, Zack Warden and many more.
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Red Bull Riders At Adrenalin Games 2012

Red Bull’s Garrett Reynolds, Sean Ricany and Vasya Lukyanenko cruising around the city of Moscow, Russia after the Adrenalin Games 2012. There is also some footage from the contest, including all three and Alessandro Barbero.
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Red Bull Local Hero Trailer

Anton Evstifeev invites you to Red Bull’s Local Hero, where riders get a chance to become famous in the country with competing at six different contests in Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar, Perm, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. I don’t understand a word this guy is saying but the trailer includes some damn good riding and also a few clips from Garrett Reynolds, Sean Ricany, Alessandro Barbero, Vasya Lukyanenko.
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2012 Adrenalin Games Highlights

These are official highlights from the 2012 Adrenalin Games that went down in Moscow, Russia on July 7th and 9th. We’ve already seen the crazy hang 5 to tailwhip, but now it’s time to see some riding from Garrett Reynolds, Sean Ricany, Brian Kachinsky, Daniel Wedemeijer and more.
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Red Bull Team At X Games 18

Red Bull athletes Garrett Reynolds, Bruno Hoffmann, Simone Barraco, Drew Bezanson, Daniel Dhers, Bas Keep and Kevin Robinson talking about the X Games 18 along with the clips from street, park and big air.
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Garrett Reynolds Signature Fiend Stem

This is Garrett Reynolds’ signature Fiend stem that is available in black or silver, made out of 6061 billet aluminum and features 48mm reach with 32mm stack height and 6 solid bolts.

X Games 2012 Through The Eyes Of Crooked World

“In this latest episode of the The Crooked World we see what happens to Kevin Robinson when he loses a Super Bowl bet to Scotty Cranmer and has to pay up at X Games. We also see the likes of Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Daniel Dhers, and more taking their competition skills to the X Games setups. From the schoolyard street course to the concrete park, and up to the vert ramp all the best highlights from the week right here.”NetworkA
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Miles Rogoish’s V-X Games Los Angeles

I can easily say this are the best highlights from the 2012 X Games street competition, brought to you by Miles Rogoish and his VX. Seat back, relax and be amazed.
“During BMX Street at X Games Los Angeles last week, Miles Rogoish decided to capture the action on his trusty old VX camera, along with some behind the scenes shenanigans. In case you missed out on watching street at X Games Los Angeles, this video highlights each invited rider from start to finish. Footage includes riding Stevie Churchill, Simone Barraco, Alex Kennedy, Jeremiah Smith, Sean Sexton, Rob Wise, Bruno Hoffmann, Dakota Roche, Chad Kerley and five-time X Games gold medalist Garrett Reynolds. There are minimal fist bumps, and maximum toothpick hangovers to 180 in this video.”– Brian Tunney, ESPN
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[Flashback] Props Issue 75 – Garrett Reynolds Bio

Go to for more videos.
Since the 2012 X Games street are over and Garrett Reynolds won the competition, I decided to post his bio from a few years back that was in Props Issue 75. This is probably one of the best edits from Garrett for me and I think there are a few out there who think the same.
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2012 X Games Street Highlights

2012 X-Games Street Highlights – More BMX Videos

Prepare yourself for another run of 2012 X Games street highlights featuring Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Dakota Roche, Stevie Churchill, Jeremiah Smith, Simone Barraco, Rob Wise and more. It is absolutely unbelievable how good these riders are.
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