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Nigel Sylvester “Get Sylvester” – Living The Dream

“In this episode of “Get Sylvester,” Nigel Sylvester reflects on his childhood. Taking us on a thought conscious stroll down memory lane touching on some of the stepping stones that got him to where he is today and what drives him to continue to push all aspects of his life and BMX. He also gets a chance to stop by advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy’s patriotic pop up park for a quick BMX and mini bike. Stay tuned for more from Nigel Sylvester and what he does next!”NetworkA
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Nigel Sylvester: Attainable – Get Sylvester

In the latest episode of Nigel Sylvester’s Get Sylvester series he visited Getorade’s Sports Science Institute where he does multiple physical and mental tests. After that he heads to Times Square to celebrate the launch of the new NFL jerseys.
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Nigel Sylvester: Animal BMX – Get Sylvester 3

Here is Nigel Sylvester’s third episode of his webisodes of Get Sylvester, where he met the guys at Animal Bikes’ headquarters, spent some time with them and rode the mini with the crew. Not to mention that he also got the Animal tattoo on his arm. Enjoy.
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Nigel Sylvester – Get Sylvester Episode 3 Teaser

Teaser for Nigel Sylvester’s thrid episode of Get Sylvester.
“The third episode of Nigel Sylvester’s “Get Sylvester” dives deep into his relationship with Animal Bikes and how the brand and the man have combined to give BMX a unique style.”NetworkA.

Get Sylvester 2 – BMX And New York City

“In the second episode of his new series, “Get Sylvester,” Nigel Sylvester provides a guided tour and snapshot of the city where he was born, raised, and built his career in BMX: New York City. Between hitting classic spots like Union Square and hood spots where cops are crawling, ticket books in hand, Nigel and his crew cover hundreds of blocks and still have time for a pickup game at Nike’s private Tribeca gym. Just another day in the life…”NetworkA.
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Nigel Sylvester – Get Sylvester Episode 2 Teaser

Another of one of those pretty crazy trailers for the Nigel Sylvester’s Get Sylvester episodes, this time for the second episode. This one will be dropping May 1st and will feature streets and spots of New York. Brought to you by NetworkA.
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