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Grant Castelluzzo And Mike Hinkes 2014 Split Video

Grant Castelluzzo and Mike Hinkes have been working on this 2014 split edit over the past few months in Baton Rogue, New Orleans, Michigan and Milwaukee. It looks like Grant is the bigger brother, but I think age-wise it would be completely opposite. Over the past months the have collected many ridiculously good clips. Most of them are super technical and there is a lot of grinding stuff in here. You know when there is Grant Castelluzzo there will sure be at least one wild smith grind combo and there is and not only one. Both killed it really hard to got check them in action now, you might get new ideas for tricks.
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Grant Castelluzzo Mutiny Team Manager

After jumping to the Mutiny pro team a few weeks back, Grant Castelluzzo will also be Mutiny’s team manager for 2014.
If you missed his welcome to pro team edit, make sure you watch it now below.

Grant Castelluzzo Welcome To Mutiny Pro

Welcome To The Pro Team Grant Castelluzzo from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

For 2014 Grant Castelluzzo will be on Mutiny Pro team and to make things officially he spent past few weeks shredding spots around Chicago and Milwaukee to film clips for this solid welcome to the team edit. Grant sure is the smith grind master and is no stranger to pulling super technical stuff. That line at the end is insane.
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Berlin BMX Bangers

Grant Castelluzzo, Erik Elstran, Rob Diquattro, Jeff Klugiewicz, Marc Reschke, Mike Hinkens and Nick Steben spent four weeks in Berlin, Germany earlier this year, to get the most out of the city. We have seen some footage the filmed already, but here is more. More solid stuff from the Berlin street you will enjoy watching, believe me.
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Our Wax 2013 Promo

Now this is a proper promotional video for a wax. Mike Hinkens, Grant Castelluzzo, Aaron Ross and more getting their pegs to use on waxed rails and ledges for the Our Wax brand.
“Our Wax has DIFFERENT SHAPES for rails or ledges.
Our Wax has FINGER HOLDS for grip.
Our Wax is SOFT on the flat side for concrete or unwaxed surfaces.
Our Wax is HARD on the arched side for rails or metal surfaces.
Our Wax is HANDMADE by riders and to be used by riders.”

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Mutiny – Cool Story Bro Video

Hell yeah, it is finally here. The final video of Mutiny’s Cool Story Bro series is here and much better than expected. Filmed in USA, Spain, France, Germany and England from the beginning of this year to August 2013. Featuring riding from Robbo, Matt Roe, Josh Bedford, Justin Simpson, Brandon Hoerres, Grant Castelluzzo and many more. This one is a must see one.
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Profile – Grant Castelluzzo 2013 Edit

Grant Castelluzzo and his 2013 web edit for his sponsor Profile. Grant took a plane to Berlin, Germany where he spent a lot of time cruising around the streets and having sessions on all this amazing looking spots. Grant went really technical for this one, as usual, and brought out one incredible piece. A lot serious jibbing in here.
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The Bakery “Special Recipe” – Grant Castelluzzo And Brandon Hoerres

Trailer dropped earlier this week and since today is Friday, the original edit is here. Mutiny Bikes riders Grant Castelluzzo and Brandon Hoerres are next guys who got lucky to shred Brian Kachinsky’s indoor ramp facility, The Bakery. Tons of technical stuff in here from both two. Brandon’s over icepick to 270 out and all Grant’s smith combos are a must see.
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Preheating With Brandon Hoerres And Grant Castelluzzo

The Bakery is dropping a fresh new Baker’s Dozen edit this Friday, August30th 2013, with Mutiny Bikes riders Brandon Hoerres and Grant Castelluzzo. This is the preheating where they are giving you just a few insights, so you don’t see much of a riding. Can’t wait to see what this one pulled over there.
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Sunday Bikes – Erik Elstran Goes To Berlin

Sunday Bikes rider Erik Elstran packed his stuff and bike and took a plane to Berlin, Germany to ride playgrounds and streets, to have fun, to enjoy the city and to film for this new web edit. Erik has so much control on the bike, so much skills and does stuff his own, creative and original way. One of the best edits I have watched in a while. I know Ed Zunda’s The Hunt 2012 section dropped earlier and it is ridiculous good, but this one is no different. Hit play and watch this thing now. Filmed and edited by Grant Castelluzzo.
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