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Greg Layden – A Very Long And Fast Hang Five

Greg Layden – A very long, fast hang five. from cain martin on Vimeo.

It looks like today is the hang five day. First we saw JC Pieri pulling a hang five around the whole skatepark and now here is Grey Layden with a long, half a mile, and very fast hang five on the streets. It took them a few tries, but who cares, it was pulled and this is what matters.
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Nearly BMX – What’s Your Body Count

Really solid skatepark clip Nearly BMX put out featuring Jonny Moffat, Steven Winterton, Greg Layden, Cammy Harkins and Craig Sime. Every one of them has at least one really good clip in here, so I really recommend you to press play and see them in action above.
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Wacky Mix Seven

wacky mix SEVEN from cain martin on Vimeo.

Cain Martin sending through the latest mixtape “Wacky Mix Seven” filmed at street and skatepark spots around Scotland and featuring Olly Rendle, Greg Layden, Katman and Sean Munro. Scots always coming out with hot stuff.
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Greg Layden And Jordan Gosling Split Edit

Greg Layden and Jordan Gosling taking it to the streets of Glasgow, Scotland and serve with some solid shredding. There is a good mix of grinds, manuals, hang fives and some other tech stuff in here for you to check out.
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Jordan Gosling And Greg Layden KG Edit

Jordan Gosling and Greg Layden putting their pegs and pedals to use for this split edit that they recently filmed. The park definitely looks so much fun.

Jonny Moffat And Gabriel Reynolds At EK Park

Gabriel Reynolds had some footage laying around his hard drive that wasn’t going to be used for any other project, so he decided to throw it together for this leftovers edit. There is so many good grind combos on rails and ledges from Gabriel and Jonny Moffat in here, that anyone who has something to do with pegs, must see it. Guest appearance from James Chalmers, Greg Layden and Greame Davidson.
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