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Harry Main Calling The Shots For Kyle Baldock

Um… I really do not know where to start with this one. Kyle Baldock is just insane and when you know one of England’s finest park riders, Harry Main, is calling shots for him, things will go really, REALLY, insane. And they did. Kyle and Harry met up at the GC Compound indoor skatepark to film for the latest episode of the Clocking On series. Since Harry is still taking it a bit slow, Kyle Baldock was the guy doing all the incredible stunts. It is almost un-human how good this kid is. From the first to the last trick, expect that bunnyhop over the fence, every single one is mental. And by mental, I seriously think Mental. Oh and since Kyle Baldock does not know how to get a truck driver to footjam to barspin in done, he called Chance Brejnakowski to pull it for him. Is that even legal? To call someone to pull trick for you in the middle of calling the shots? Well, lets say it is. Seat back, relax and enjoy this madness.
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Harry Main “Clocking On” Episode 1

The first episode of the Clocking On series with Harry Main is here. Harry show you how his recovery process looks like from the injured shoulder, he rides some mountain bike and heads over to London for the Ride UK reader awards. Next episode – Australia.
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Harry Main Welcome To Vans

VANS BMX – Harry Main – Welcome to the Team from Vans Europe on Vimeo.

We have seen the contract, but it wasn’t revealing all the details. Now it is official. Harry Main will be part of the Vans Europe team for 2014 and this is just a little something to welcome him to the team. Expect to see something proper in the future when Harry fully recovers himself.
Filmed and edited by Leo Baron.
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Harry Main’s Rocker Challenge 3 – Logan Martin

While in Australia, Harry Main threw down the third Rocker challenge and since Logan Martin was around and wanted to challenge Ryan Taylor it was just a perfect match. Logan pulling pretty much a perfect flair drop-in in just second try and now lets see if Ryan can do it also.
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Rampfest Highlights

Rampfest Highlights from Daniel Rosenthal on Vimeo.

Australians are nots, you know that, right? Well here is all bunch of them going insane at the jam that went down at the Rampfest indoor skatepark in Melbourne, Australia. Featuring riding from Andrew Ahumada, Andrew Gul, Andy Buckworth, Daniel Rosenthal, Daniel Taylor, Dean Manson, Fuzz Burk, Harry Main, Jai Bradley, Jake Deering, Josh Mannion, Lee Kirkman, Luke Parker, Matt Whyatt, Nathan Philips, Nathan Tomsic and Shanon Farrugia.
Filmed and edited by Daniel Rosenthal.
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Harry Main – Clocking On Trailer

On February 30th, 2013 a new episode of the Clocking On series from Line9 will drop featuring Harry Main. This short documentary will show you an inside look to his life as a professional BMX rider, so stay tuned. In the mean time, hit play above and check the trailer.
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Harry Main’s Skatepark – The Hammer House

Get the first look at Harry Mains private skatepark, The Hammer House. From foam pit to Dew Tour style spine, this park may not be the biggest, but it sure is a proper training facility. Expect a lot of madness coming out from this park in the future.
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Harry Main Presents Rocker Challenge 2

Here is the second installment in the Rocker Challenge series from Harry Main. Harry gets together with Luke Padgett who gets into the flair challenge on Harry Main’s signature Rocker BMX. Bike sure is small, but you don’t mess with Luke.
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Rocker BMX Commercial With Harry Main And Ryan Taylor

Harry Main and Ryan Taylor in this commercial for the Rocker BMX, one shredding this micro BMX bike and the other giving you some informations. Ryan almost pulled a bunnyhop flair into quarter with it and I really want to see it pulled. I was just wondering, why is it Ryan always riding it and Harry never even touches it? Never mind, hit play and enjoy these two in action.
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Harry Main Presents “Rocker Challenge” #1 – Ryan Taylor

Harry Main started with new web series where he will be challenging pro riders to get something wild done on a Rocker mini bike. For the first episode he met up with Ryan Taylor at the Flo indoor skatepark in Nottingham, UK and this is what went down. Things went really crazy towards the end. Check it.
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