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Harry Main NASS Bike Check

Harry Main NASS bike check from lloyd ramsay on Vimeo.

Harry Main explaining and talking about the paint job he has on his new bike.

Game Of BIKE – Alex Coleborn, Daniel Dhers, Harry Main And Kyle Baldock

When you put riders like Alex Coleborn, Daniel Dhers, Harry Main and Kyle Baldock in a game of BIKE than you know it’s going to be serious.

Harry Main, Alex Colebron And Kyle Baldock At ROM

Well I think this is more of a Madness edit than Monday edit but anyways RideBMX posted their every week’s Monday edit featuring Harry Main, Alex Coleborn and Kyle Baldock riding at the ROM skatepark in England. They are having a crazy session at the miniramp/spine set-up. Enjoy.

Harry Main Teaching Bus Driver How-To Drop In

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Monster Energy team is currently on a trip and right now they are in Spain. The team features Harry Main, Alex Coleborn, Ben Wallace, Bob Manchester, Pat Casey and Patrick Guimez. Here is just sneak peek of what’s going on on the trip. Harry Main teaching Monster bus driver how to drop in. Seen on Ride UK.

Monster Energy – Harry Main

Monster Energy rider Harry Main does not stop. This one is his latest one and it consists of tons of bangers from three days of filming around North Carolina. What to say, he is a machine.

Harry Main Bike Check

A quick bike check of Harry Main’s new bike that he will be riding now. Seen on Mirraco.

Harry Main – The Road To Recovery

Harry Main – The Road To Recovery from Nike 6.0 on Vimeo.

“It’s been a slow couple of years for Harry Main with 2 broken ankles and ongoing battles with bad luck and minor injuries. Matty Lambert tracked him over the last 12 months documenting the ups and downs on his road to recovery. No doubt you’ll be seeing a lot more from Harry very soon….”Nike 6.0

Ride UK’s Harry Main Wallpaper

One sick wallpaper featuring Harry Main’s Flair “Flop” drop-in at the Widnes skatepark, which is near Liverpool. The photo can be found in the Ride UK’s latest issue 151 along with “Road To Recovery” article but is now fully downloadable on their site. If you didn’t see a how-to bunnyhop flair with Harry than now is your chance. Please read more.
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Harry Main Video Bike Check

Here is a video bike check with Harry Main. He will show you all his parts in this one along with some great riding from Woodward. He has a few titanium parts on his bike to make it light as possible. Enjoy.

How-To Bunnyhop Flair With Harry Main

No words, no tips, just trick!