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Dew Tour Ocean City – Day Two Practice Video

Video highlights from the day two of practice at the Dew Tour Ocean City featuring riding from Pat Casey, Coco Zurita, Harry Main, Drew Bezanson, Jamie Bestwick, Chad Kerley, Simon Tabron, Glenn Salyers and many more. Footage from vert and more footage from the skatepark. The contests are going to be really serious.
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Dew Tour Ocean City – Park Practice Video

The Dew Tour on Ocean City, Maryland has started and the video from the first day of practice is here. Ride BMX captured a few clips on their camera from Harry Main, Pat Casey, Ryan Guettler, Ryan Nyquist, Chad Kerley, Daniel Sandoval, Daniel Dhers and more.
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Red Bull Framed Reactions Action Clip

This past weekend, Saturday, June 8th, 2013, worlds best 16 riders compete at the Red Bull Framed Reactions contest in Amsterdam, Netherlands and here is one of the first clips from the day. The course is, um, unreal? next level? from another planet? Watch Daniel Sandoval, Harry Main, Drew Bezanson, Pat Casey, Ben Wallace and more shredding the course. Amazing.
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Red Bull – Simple Session 2013

You already forgot about the Simple Session 2013? Well, lets remember it all together by watching this Red Bull edit, filmed on the very last day, when the best trick and finals were happening. The level of riding is insane and we know it and I really have no idea what we can expect for 2014.
Riding from Kevin Peraza, Stevie Churchill, Bruno Hoffmann, Devon Smillie, Harry Main, Kyle Baldock, Dan Foley and more.
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Harry Main On Skullcandy

Harry Main has joined the Skullcandy squad. I have no idea if there will be any video introductions, but if you by any chance still didn’t saw his new Harrymainia web edit, you need to watch it now.

Harry Main – Harrymainia Followed

Friday is here and so is the new episode of Harry Main’s Harrymainia. This one is a bit different, it is not all about the riding, well, it is, but it doesn’t feature new clips from Harry, but old ones and second angle clips along with Harry talking about contests, local jams, web edits, progression and more. Hear from the best and that go out for a session. Filmed and edited by Matty Lambert.
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Alex Hiam On The Wandering

From now one, Australia’s finest shredder Alex Hiam will be representing Harry Main’s clothing brand, The Wandering. If you don’t know about Harry’s project, go and check their Facebook page out.

Wild Night Contest 2013 Highlights

Wild Night Contest 2013 by ECDC by EDHEC_ECDC
Here are the highlights from the recent Wild Night Contest 2013 that went down in France. There was a good mix of park and street shredders completely murdering the whole place, but the gold went to Todd Meyn, silver to Daniel Wedemeijer and bronze to Maxime Charveron. Full results after the jump.
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How To Backflip With Harry Main

While on his trip to Australia, Harry Main made a stop at the GC Compound and filmed this how to to teach each and everyone out there how to pull a proper backflip. So, seat back, relax, take your notepad and learn a backflip.
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BMX Trivia – Kyle Baldock Vs Harry Main

Monster Energy teammates Kyle Baldock and Harry Main found themselves in a new episode of Alli Sports’ Head2Head series. It was a tight one, but if you wanna find who won and got the most answers right, you need to watch it above.
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