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How To Annoy Scooters With Harry Main

I think this is going to far now.

Simple Session 2013 Final Results

Well, there you have it, the 2013 Simple Session in Tallinn, Estonia is over. One more amazing weekend, one more pack of insane riding, crazy good tricks, new pulled tricks like Michael Beran’s 360 bikeflip to tailwhip and Kevin Peraza’s double decade air and simply insanity. We now have the final results from the whole event, so please check the out after the jump and stay tuned for the highlights that will drop in the upcoming hours/days.
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Simple Session 2013 Qualifying Results

The 2013 Simple Session in Tallinn, Estonia qualifying event is over. All you who watched the whole show live behind your computers, or even better, all you who were there in person, witness, once again, some unreal riding. Some riders were using more the street course, some the ramps and there were some who used almost every single obstacle. For all you who missed it, we now have the qualifying results and the 24 riders who will compete in the finals tomorrow. Check it after the jump and get ready for highlights that will drop in a matter of hours.
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Harry Main On Harrymainia

Monster Energy caught up with Harry Main to talk about the Harrymainia. He tells you a little about it, who stoked he is one the views, upcoming Harrymaninias, what he has been up to lately and more. There are also a few of those crazy tricks he pulled in pictures up there.

How To Footjam Tailwhip With Harry Main

While on a trip around Australia, Harry Main made a stop at the Beeno skatepark to teach you guys out there how to pull a proper footjam tailwhip on a quarter pipe. First go, crash, second go, pulls it perfectly. Pretty much all you need to know before learning the trick, plus two extra tips from Chance Brejnakowski himself.
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New Freedom BMX Cover, Issue 111

Take a look at the Freedom BMX, issue 111, cover, featuring Harry Main going wild at this crazy setup, while filming for his latest edit, that you must check now, if you haven’t already.

Harry Main – Harrymainia

The long awaited Harry Main web edit is finally here and like each and every time, as good and as crazy as possible. Harrymainia will be making you go wow for several times, because there is just too much insane stuff in here. But the last one is definitely the wildest one. How to call it? Flair to fufanu over a spine to opposite downside tailwhip in?
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Freedom BMX – 2012 In Crashes

More BMX Videos
Freedom BMX threw together a collection of crashes from the past year, that they shot at various contests and other projects they came out with. Featuring Alex Kennedy, Harry Main, Tobias Wicke, Alex Valentino, Pierre Hinze, Adrian Warnken and many more.
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Anton McGuirk Video Bike Check

Anton McGuirk runs you through his current bike and nails down some insane riding at Rampworx, while Dylan Coltman is there for him to capture everything. Anton is an amazing rider, extremely technical with a dope style. Special guest clip from Harry Main.
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Freedom BMX – Best OF 2012

More BMX Videos
Here is five and a half minutes of the best clips from the year 2012, that Freedom BMX shot at various contests and other projects. Bruno Hoffmann, Harry Main, Mark Webb, Dan Foley, Dennis Enarson, Kevin Peraza, Brett Banasiewicz and many more. This is madness.
It is also really good to see Brett and remember how good he is. I can not wait to see this guy back in action.
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