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How To Footjam With Harry Main

Harry Main is back with another how to for all you shredders out there. This time he will give you tips (I hope enough) how to pull a proper footjam on a quarter pipe. Harry also demonstrates who this trick can be linked with other tricks and shows you one barspin variation of it. “It is that easy.”
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New Best BMX Tricks 4

This guy Paul Calviere released a new compilation of best BMX tricks, that were pulled over the past year at various contests and random sessions. Featuring Andy Buckworth, Harry Main, Kyle Baldock, Brett Banasiewicz, Garrett Reynolds, Mark Webb and many more. Press play and enjoy.
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Ride UK Reader Awards 2012 Video

More BMX Videos
We dropped the results from Ride UK reader awards 2012 a little while ago and today guys over at Ride UK dropped the video from the party in Bricklane, London. Also make sure you check out Tom Dugan, who won worldwide rider of the year, saying thanks below.

More BMX Videos
UK Park of the Year – Unit 23
UK Retailer of the Year – The Source BMX
Ride UK Cover of the Year – Issue 167 – Chris Jenner
Worldwide Rider of the Year – Tom Dugan
Ride UK Lifetime Achievement award – Kye Forte
UK Park Rider of the Year – Harry Main
UK Street Rider of the Year – Ben Lewis
UK Dirt Rider of the Year – Matt Priest
Brand of the Year – BSD
Edit of the Year – Harry Main VX2

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2012 Hog Jam At Motion Ramp Park Highlights

2012 Hog Jam at Motion Ramp Park – More BMX Videos

Aaron Nicholson, Ash Douglas, Declan Brooks, Harry Main, Jack Watts, Josh Crosswell, Ryan Taylor and more riding the Motion Ramp Park in Bristol, UK at the 2012 Hog Jam. I think I don’t need to say anything else, because everyone know, that with names like that, tons of bangers were pulled. But for me, the best one was definitely the young Troy Hayward, kid’s killing it.
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2012 Freedom BMX Rider Of The Year Winners

The 2012 Freedom BMX Rider Of The Year nomination recently went down in Cologne, Germany and now we have the winner of each category. Check who won below.
Best International Rider – Harry Main
Best Flatland Rider – Waldemar Fatkin
Best Dirt Rider – Simon Moratz
Best Park Rider – Daniel Tünte
Best Street Rider – Bruno Hoffmann
Best Skatepark – Mellowpark
Best BMX Brand – Wethepeople

2012 Ride UK Awards Winners

The 2012 Ride UK Awards are over and we have the winners of each section. The highlight was definitely Harry Main, because he won two awards, one for the best web video of the year and second for best park rider of the year.
Web video of the year: Harry Main
Lifetime achievement award: Kye Forte
Bike brand of the Year award: BSD
Dirt jumper of the year: Matt Priest
Park rider of the year award: Harry Main
Street rider of the year award: Dan Lacey
Best drinker of the year award: Ben Murphy

Transgression Snowbalin Jam 2012

Here are another, the proper one, highlights from the Snowbalin Jam 2012 that went down this past weekend at the Transgression skatepark in Edinburgh, Scotland. I know Harry Main, Declan Brooks, Anthony McGuirk and all other pros destroy the place, but for me the young shredders at the beginning of the video are the highlight. I don’t know hwo they are, but some of them are crazy good.
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2012 Snow Ballin’ Jam

2012 Snow Ballin’ Jam – More BMX Videos

Harry Main, Declan Brooks, Anthony McGuirk, Chance Brejnakowski, Brad McNicol, Franny Wright and more shredding the Transgression indoor skatepark in Edinburgh, Scotland on the 2012 Snow Ballin’s Jam. It is ridiculous how many amazing riders were there killing the place.
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How To Tuck No-Hander With Harry Main

Harry Main spent a little of his time at the Creation Skatepark to teach all you guys out there how a proper Tuck No-Hander over a jump box is done. After that he gives you a good example of this trick in a combination with 360. Go Johny!
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In The Rushes 2

Leon Perkis has been busy filming clips and riding over the summer and autumn of 2012. He just came out with the second mix vedit called “In The Rushes” featuring Anthony Farrel, Phil Dematia, Formby Jay Richardson, Leon Perkins, Francis Wright, Anthony Mcguirk, David Mcfadden, Phil Larkin, James Hobson, Paul Ryan, Sam Ward and Harry Main. Since we know UK don’t have luck with sun this year, there is mostly indoor riding in this one. Guys killed it.
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