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Vans Rebeljam 2012 In Spain

Vans rebeljam 2012 in Spanien a BMX video by freedombmx

Freedom BMX also made a highlights video from the 2012 Vans Rebeljam for your viewing pleasure. I must admit that I still am amazed by all the moves that went down, even if seeing it for several times now. Featuring Anthony McGuirk, Harry Main, Dakota Roche, Maxime Charveron, Jason Phelan, Dan Foley and more.
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What’s The Best Web Edit Of All Time?

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During the 2012 Vans Rebeljam in Spain, Dig caught up with Dakota Roche, Alex Kennedy, Harry Main, Rob Darden, Bruno Hoffman, Dan Lacey, Ed Zunda, Dan Foley, Kye Forte and many more, what is their best web edit of all time.
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Monster Energy Team At 2012 Vans Rebeljam

This year at Vans Rebeljam Monster Energy team really killed the place with Dan Lacey getting first in street, Kevin Kalkoff first in style and Andy Buckworth getting on top at hard trick contest. Also watch clips from Dakota Roche, David Budko, Harry Main, Kevin Peraza and more above.
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2012 Vans Rebeljam Park Qualifying Highlights

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In case you missed the park qualifying from 2012 Vans Rebeljam yesterday, Ride UK threw together video highlights from the contest for your viewing pleasure. 77 riders rode, but only 24 came to the finals. Featuring Dan Foley, Jack Clark, Jack Watts, Declan Brooks, Mark Webb, Harry Main, Daniel Sandoval, Isaac Lesser, Ben Hennon and more. The tuck no-hander double backflip is one of the craziest I’ve seen in a while.
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2012 Rebeljam Park Qualifying Results

The park qualifying at 2012 Rebeljam in Tossa De Mar, Spain are over. We saw some really crazy riding from all of the competitors, but I think the double backflip no-hander was the one trick that definitely stood out. 24 riders came to the finals, that are going down tomorrow, where there will be a jam format of 6 groups per 4 riders.
We got the qualifiers for you after the jump.
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How To Nose Press With Harry Main

Harry Main is here for you to teach you and give you advices on how to nose press, for Alli Sports’ “Step By Step”. If you are already doing a lot of stuff on your front wheel, like foot jams and nose taps, I think this is a piece of cake for you.
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Vans Rebeljam 2012 Confirmed Riders

This upcoming weekend, October 5th-7th, the 2012 Vans Rebeljam is happening in Tossa de Mar, Spain. Riders are already traveling to the place from all over the world, so if you would like to know, who the confirmed shredders are, click read more. The list is huge.
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Harry Main Presents Jam Time

Transgression Park’s first ever Jam Time hosted by Harry Main was a huge success as seen from the highlights video above. They have under 13, under 16, over 18 years old and pro jams. A lot of good riders came, so expect a lot of good riding.
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Harry Main On Alans BMX

Harry Main recently got hooked up by England’s BMX shop Alans BMX.
“I have known Harry from the beginning and have always helped him out with parts over the years so when we were thinking about working with a rider there was only one choice really. Harry is great role model for the kids coming up and I think that’s what BMX needs right now. You can look forward to some different stuff for sure, certainly video-wise. We have a lot of cool ideas which we’ll announce via the usual media channels – and with Harry’s signature Failure parts about to come out, the timing is perfect.”– Alans Woods
“Stoked to Finally make this happen, me and Alan have been trying to make this happen for a long time. I had so much change going on with other sponsors at the time I wanted to make sure I was happy with everything else I had going on, the time has come with everything falling together with Failure Bikes and Snafu parts along with Monster Energy,
and proud to announce I’m now repping Alans BMX. If you want to shop with a Bike Shop with a Great reputation awesome Background and Friendly service, Alans seriously is the place to be and thats why I’m all for this. Live To Ride.”
– Harry Main

Harry Main Video Bike Check

Harry Main runs you through his 2012 setup that features his signature Failure Mainiac frame and prototype Magical forks, mixed with some other parts. He also filmed a bunch of tricks to go along with the bike check that are worth checking out.
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