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Relentless NASS Day 1 Video

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Ride UK made these video highlights for your viewing pleasure from the Relentless Energy Drink NASS day 1, or better known as a practice day. Due to some heavy rain they managed to catch a little of dirt, so the main thing went down indoors. Some pretty crazy stuff went down, so take a peek.
Featuring Kyle Baldock, Big Daddy, Harry Main, Matt Priest, Bob Manchester, Lima Eltham and more.
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Harry Main At Telekom Extreme Playgrounds 2011

This are the runs from Harry Main at last year’s Telekom Extreme Playgrounds, that went down in Berlin, Germany, that brought him first place. You can go wrong with Harry Main and this runs are like you’ve been watching web edits that ware in the works for at least a week or so.
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[Flashback] Harry Main Friday Afternoon

We all know Harry Main can go really high and is capable of pulling just every single trick possible, but this time we went back for almost four years. Watch his edit filmed on one Friday afternoon in October 2008. He progressed so much till now, bit still this is really amazing, especially when you know how old this is. Enjoy.
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Mellon 7’s: Harry Main

This week’s Mellon 7’s goes to one of the best and finest UK skatepark riders Harry Main. Harry sure is a busy man, so this interview won’t take you long. Click read more and read it.
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Harry Main VX2 Trailer

This is teaser for Harry Main’s second VX edit and by watching this clips it is going to be insane.
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Harry Main At Ed’s Barn

Harry Main gives you a little tour around the upcoming indoor skatepark Ed’s Barn in Reading, UK, which ramp builder will be the one and only Nate Wessel. Not much things going on now, but just imagine UK riders killing this place in next months.
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Harry Main On Snafu

Lamborghini owner Harry Main is now riding for SNAFU.

“We are stoked to announce that Harry Main has joined the SNAFU Pro team. Harry is one of hell of a talented rider and brings a lot of energy and great ideas to the program. We feel he is the perfect fit for the new direction we are going with SNAFU.”

Harry followed that up with these comments –

“I’m so excited to be working with SNAFU and everyone involved. Snafu is kickass and I am going to be making sure you guys have plenty of Rad products and Rad colorways to shred with. The direction that Snafu is heading in since new ownership, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

Harry Main Bought A Lamborghini

Harry Main bought himself this green Lamborghini Gallardo. No joke.

Harry Main / Failure Bikes Giveaway

Harry Main teamed up with his sponsor Failure Bikes to give away seat, grips and Dumb Bars. All you have to do is share this photo and you are in.

How-To Barspin With Harry Main

Harry Main trying to teach you how to properly pull a barpin / busdriver in his new episode of How To. Definitely tons of informative stuff, a few crashes and black and purple pants. Must see.
If you missed our Tricktionary Friday where we demonstrate barspin, click here.
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