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Andres Ochoa Welcome To Team Helio Brand

This welcome to the team edit, welcoming Andres Ochoa to the Team Helio Brand was filmed in Medellin and Bogota Colombia and it sure is a treat. Last year we saw plenty of really good stuff coming from Colombia and it looks like this year will be the same, if not even stronger.
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Fade Footwear X Helio Brand – #FadeInMedejean

Earlier this year Fade Footwear and Helio Brand got together and send their riders on a trip to ride skateparks and streets. Mario Giraldo, Julian Sanchez, Andres Ochoa, Walter Chacon, Dylan Sierra, Cristian Porras and friends are all featured in the video above, that includes tons of really solid riding. Fade and Helio are supporting some serious shredders, so expect good things only.
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Helio Brand – Dylan Sierra And Nicolas Rodriguez Split Edit

Colombian riders, Dylan Sierra and Nicolas Rodriguez, came out with one really heavy split edit for their sponsor Helio Brand. Streets, trails and also skateparks, these two hit everything and nailed down lot of hammers. Last barspin over the big set of stairs was insane.
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