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Henrique “Valvoline” Castro Off Colony

After four years of riding for Colony, their Brazilian team member, Henrique Castro aka Valovline aka Valvo has decided to step down from the team, actually he stepped down from BMX in general. It was just a few day ago when we were posting a new Valvo edit and today he is ‘no more.’

Henrique Castro Edit

Always great to see new footage from Henrique Castro aka Valvo, because he knows how to go big and is not afraid of pulling big moves. Watch his latest piece filmed mostly at parks but there is some street in here for a good measure. Enjoy.
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Crew BH X Caracas Trails

Every time I see these massive Caracas trails I get scared a little, I don’t know, maybe because I imagine myself dying trying jumping over them. Anyway, these riders are not me and they don’t have problems jumping over them, not just jumping, but pulling all sorts of big moves. Featuring Eder Dantas, Henrique Castro, Bruno Tatini, Julian Rocha and more.
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Henrique Castro At The Concrete Skatepark

Colony rider, Henrique Castro, spent two days at the Pavilhao skatepark in San Jose, where he did some cruising around and filmed a few clips here and there for this new quick piece. Filmed and edited by Felipe Correra.
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Henrique Castro’s And Zolho’s Park And Trail Riding

Henrique Castro aka Valvo and his friend Zolho shredding this rad trails and skatepark spot for a new split piece, which is located somewhere in Sao Miguel. These two are doing it in style.
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Colony Valvo Limited Edition 2013 Teddy Frame Colorway

Guys over at Colony are happy to bring you a very limited run, only 10 made, of Henrique Castro aka Valvo’s colorway of the 2013 Teddy frame. All ten are available exclusively through Brazil distribution, Dream BMX, so contact them, if you want it.

Mix Session At Caracas Trails

I think we can easily call these one of the biggest set of trails on the planet, but guys like Leandro Overal and friends are riding them like they were just a random trails. Henrique Castro cooked this one together at the Caracas trails and it is amazing just seeing this guys jumping over them.
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Colony Henrique “Valvo” Castro Seat Promo

Promo edit for Henrique “Valvo” Castro’s upcoming signature Colony pivotal seat, that will be available in Australia and Brazil only. Valvo cruises around a few of his local skateparks and boosts some nice airs and also gets some sweet tricks done. Style.
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Cena Do Cross – Cambui Trails

Cena Do Cross wanted to show you how dialed these trails in Cambui, Brazil are by putting together this edit from a recent session with Blue Herbert, Careca, Grilo, Tiberio, Dom, Eder Dantas and Henrique Castro.

Colony – Ryan Guettler & Henrique Castro Ten Clips V2

Ryan Guettler met up with Henrique Castro aka Valvo while he spent some time in Brazil and they hit up these trails and both filmed ten clips for their sponsor Colony. It is always a treat watching these two ride dirt jumps and this one is no exception.
Watch them shred trails in Adelaide here.
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