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Space Trippin SF

SpaceTrippin SF from Defgrip on Vimeo.

Hoang Tran along with Tom and Dylan went on a trip to San Francisco to get their asses out of town and to enjoy the life on the road. They took the lonag road to SF which is packed with amazing places and incredible views. Oh, of course they also ride their bikes and enjoyed some proper concrete.
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Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Dakota Roche, Hoang Tran And Tom Perry At Transworld Park

One rainy day in SoCal Ride BMX decided to open the doors to their Transworld Park to Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Dakota Roche, Hoang Trand and Tom Perry for a session. Five heavy riders threw down plenty of goodness for your viewing pleasure with one wild banger from Williams.
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Subrosa “Get Used To It” – Hoang Tran Section

Subrosa uploaded another section fro the Get Used To It video featuring Hoang Tran. Hoang’s section is really wild, full of crazy gaps, drops and high speed riding. This guy’s bones are mode of steel, or he has a secret recipe how to land everything super extremely smoothly.
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Subrosa – Woodward West B-Sides

Subrosa team riders Lahsaan Kobza, Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart, Simone Barraco and Bobby Kanode worked hard on making the best possible video as part of the “Woodward West Shootout” contest and it looks like it really paid of since they won it. To treat you guys with some more goodness, they put together clips that had left over from the filming. Fun stuff, random stuff and some awesome riding stuff. Enjoy.
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Odyssey’s Toys For Tots Jam

Odyssey threw down the Toys For Tots Jam at the Full Factory recently where the only rule was to bring a toy. Above you can find a quick little highlights video featuring riding from Broc Raiford, Kevin Kiraly, Kyle Hart, Hoang Tran and more. Seen on Ride.
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Broc Raiford And Hoang Tran’s Ecuadorian Adventure Part 2 – The Riding

Odyssey dropped the second part of Broc Raiford and Hoang Tran’s Ecuadorian Adventure. After the contest, that went down deep in the jungles of Ecuador, these two headed to Quito, 10,000 feet above sea level to ride street. Amazing spots, riding and amazing scenery are two main things what makes this pretty much epic.
If you missed the first part of this epic adventure, watch it now.
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Broc Raiford and Hoang Tran’s Ecuadorian Adventure Part 1 – The Journey

Here is part 1 of the two part series featuring Broc Raiford and Hoang Tran and their Ecuadorian Adventure. They’ve been invited to the El Coca Extreme contest in the Amazon rainforest. These two and the crew took the opportunity and went on an epic adventure of broken cars, wild animal and super crazy local shredders. This part is focused more on the trip and the contest and the second will be focused more on the street riding in Quito, Ecuador.
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Subrosa – Woodward West Shootout 2013

Subrosa team riders Simone Barraco, Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart and Lahsaan Kobza spent a week at the Woodward West to film for this year’s Woodward West Shootout and this is what they managed to get. So much amazing riding went down that I don’t know where to start, so just press the play button and check it out.
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Vetis Mix Tape 2013

Vetis Mix Tape 2013 featuring street, trails and skatepark riding from riders like Dominic Colombini, Dave Pendleton, Sean Sieling, Nolan Santana, Tyler Andersen, Ty Morrown, Tammy McCarley, Forrest Holland, Dick Nicholls, McCoy Ivie, Jayson Johnson, Colby Spratt, Alex Kennedy, Gino Santoro and Hoang Tran. A lot of big names means a lot of good riding. Filmed and edited by David Pendleton and Nolan Santana.
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Hoang Tran Odyssey Ad

Spotted over on Defgrip web site, Odyssey’s latest print ad featuring Hoang Tran getting this serious nose manual/tap done for the 177th issue of the Ride UK magazine.