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Hoffman Bikes Holiday Deals

For the holidays time Hoffman Bikes has some pretty sweet deals for you people over on their web store. If you would like to earn some money, or just buy a gift a little cheaper, hit it and maybe there is something right for you over there.

Hoffman Bikes – Dylan Sparkman Summer 2013 Edit

Dylan Sparkman recently made the move to Oregon, where he built himself up a fresh new Hoffman Bikes Lady Luck (Ben Hennon’s signature) setup and teamed up with Felipe Gonzalez, hit the Bay Area and filmed clips for this new summer 2013 edit. Like always good and solid stuff from Sparkman.
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Art Thomason – Daily Commute

Hoffman Bikes rider Art Thomason came out with a pretty rad new piece from a session(s) over at his backyard flatland spot. This guy is full of amazing links and here he is showing the world all the new stuff he learned.
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Hoffman Bikes – Jeremy Hrabal “Austin To San Antonio”

This new Jeremy Hrabal piece for Hoffman Bikes is as wild as it can gets. So many crashes, those nasty ones, and so many insane and super-fast-pedaling-style moves. Jeremy don’t give a damn, he will try and ride every single setup he finds. last gap to ledge ride with a small kink at the end was so scary. Enjoy.
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Hoffman Bikes – Mikey Babbel Edit

Mikey Babbel serves with a dope mix of street riding, from technical all-four-pegged rail and ledge moves, to drops and gaps. I am sure Hoffman Bikes is proud to have someone like Mikey is on the team. You know me, it gets an extra + from me, if it is a black and white edit.
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Morgan Wade On Hoffman Bikes

Morgan Wade didn’t have a bike sponsor since 2011, can you believe it? The news just dropped that he has now joined the Hoffman Bikes squad. Read more below.
“Hoffman Bikes proudly announces that Morgan Wade has joined its pro team. Wade’s diverse riding background and skills complement the overall composition of the HB Team and aligns with the Big Air tradition of Mat Hoffman, Kevin Robinson and Zack Warden. Hoffman Bikes is excited ti have Wade join forces with Mat Hoffman and the Hoffman Bikes Team.”
“Morgan Wade! I am honored Morgan has joined my elite team of BadAss BMXers. The sky is never the limit, it’s only the start. Morgan proves that every time he roll in.”– Mat Hoffman

Brandon Webster Clip

Even if there is a slow motion, I still need to watch it for one more time, because this is insanity. Hoffman Bikes rider Brandon Webster pulled a barspin to nose manual to opposite barspin. Can I just say this is retarded? This one will blow you away.
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Mikey Babbel Bike Check

Mikey Babbel received some fresh parts from Hoffman Bikes and quickly updated his ride with everything he got. You will find more photos and the parts list of his bike over on their page.

Tomasz Hanuszewicz Skatepark 2013 Edit

Hoffman Bikes’ Polish connection through Mantra BMX, Tomasz Hanuszewicz, spent his winter time at his local indoor skatepark stacking clips for this fresh new piece. Tomasz likes putting his pegs to use and we definitely like some grinding stuff around here.

Daniel Johnson Off Hoffman Bikes

Aussie shredder Daniel Johnson has parted ways with his sponsor Hoffman Bikes. No more info where he is heading next, but I am sure a new brand will hook him up very soon.