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Hubert Jankowski Edit

Hubert Jankowski mix edit from Hubert Jankowski on Vimeo.

Hubert Jankowski recently built himself up a fresh new bike setup and this is already his new web edit, that he filmed at the skatepark and street spots. From time to time filming is a bit shaky, but that has nothing to do with Hubert’s riding. This guy is a shredder and is throwing nose manual barpsins with such an ease. Enjoy.
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Hubert Jankowski 10 Clips Edit

I am not sure if a girl filmed this one, but let say it it did. Hubert Jankowski and his ten clips at this skatepark will definitely make you stoked. Wast that second clip pulled by accident? The big tailwhip over the stairs and the long nose manual to barspin at the end were also sick as hell.
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Hubert Jankowski November Edit

Ireland’s United rider, through The Boardroom Shop, Hubert Jankowski hit street and skatepark spots around his new home of Cork. There sure is plenty of unexpected clips, like that up nose to flat nose to barspin or the huge kinked rail. Hubert simply killed it with this edit.
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United – Hubert Jankowski

Hubert Jankowski who rides for United through The Board Room in Ireland throwing bars and tailwhips for his newest edit.

Hubert Jankowski Edit

Short Session in Lucan from Hubert Jankowski on Vimeo.

Some really impressive moves from Hubert “Szogun” Jankowski doing it at a concrete park. Loving the last line with flair and a nose manual to barspin. Enjoy.

United Hubert Jankowski

Hubert Jankowski from the board room on Vimeo.

Hubert Jankowski is the new United world crew rider from Ireland. United and The Board Room hook Hubert up with parts and here is his video.