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Eddie Rovi Welcome To Hyper BMX

Eddie Rovi is Hyper’s newest and youngest flow rider, he is only 12, and this is the official video introduction. Eddie is from New Jersey and he is killing it on a BMX bike. His welcome to the team edit was mainly filmed at the Incline Club indoor skatepark and it includes all bunch of good stuff and a double tailwhip to end it. Filmed and edited by Mikey Liberatore. Watch out for this kid in the future.
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Hyper BMX – Mike Fede Jiggawatt Frame Promo

Mike Fede promoting his signature Jiggwatt frame from Hyper BMX a couple skateparks, while Eric Silver is there for him to capture all the craziness on the camera. Was that a 360 x-up barspin? It looked so good and something you don’t see everyday. Mike is the kind of person who has no problems going big nor technical.
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Hyper BMX – Anthony McGuirk 2013 Edit

Anthony McGuirk doing it in his 2013 web edit for Hyper BMX at indoor locations. I was missing Anthony’s foorage on the web, so I am definitely stoked seeing this up on the world wide web. Anthony is capable of everything, from big and wild trick to technical madness, he has it all. Last 900 barspin was bananas. Filmed and edited by Leo Baron.
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Jake Leiva Welcome To Hyper BMX

After leaving KHE Jake Leiva is now a flow Hyper BMX rider and this is his welcome to the team edit, filmed at the Woodward West by Sebastian Smith, to make everything official. Jake has a really big bag of tricks and some massive combos on lock. Watch out for this kid in the future.
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Hyper Crew At NASS 2013

Hyper BMX crew Logan Martin, Ryan Taylor and Anton McGuirk were at this year’s NASS festival and this is quick recap from their time spent over there, killing the course. All three went really big and insane with their riding, with Logan taking a hard crash attempting a 1080 barpsin, but he still got first place.
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David Lieb – A New Frontier

Hyper BMX rider David Lieb hit this miniramp in Genoa, New Jersey with Andrew Lillibridge to get some stuff on the camera. At first I expected this one to be more chill, but it turned out it includes some pretty damn awesome moves. Check it out.
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