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Remembering X – At Interbike 2013

This ESPN’S special edition of the Remembering X series, where Aaron Nardi talked to the people over at the Interbike 2013 to remember their first, most interesting, most wild, disgust moments at Interbikes. Definitely the most interesting one to date. Get ready to hear some wild things.

Eclat BMX At Interbike 2013

Cruise over to Eclat BMX’S Facebook page to check out photos of the new products they had over at the Interbike 2013. Seats, hubs, hub guards, stems, pedals, forks and sprockets, all up there. Slowly you will be able to build yourself up a custom complete bike all in this rad oil slick colorway.

Kink BMX At Interbike 2013 – Day Three

Jay Roe and Matt Antes from Kink are back for one more time, during the day three of Interbike 2013, to show you some of the softgoods they have to offer, from the iPhone case, to caps and beanies, socks, wax and new wallet. All this is pretty much available now, except the new bandannas, that should be out next week.
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Interbike 2013 By Ride BMX Part 4

This time around Ride BMX has been focused on the We Make Things people, so what that means is that you will be seeing the completely new footwear line from Almond and new Eclat and Wethepeople products. Along with that they also hit up Tony Malouf to talk about the new version of his signature BSD frame. Check more after the jump.
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Interbike 2013 By Ride BMX Part 3

More from Interbike 2013 by people over at Ride BMX. This time here you have new products from Trip, Eastern Bikes, Animal Bikes and Tree Bikes. Ty Morrow shows you new T-shirt designs, Adam Banton the eight version of the Grim Ripper frame, Tyrone Williams the new top load stem from Animal Bikes and Sam Schulte explains the new 20mm hub and fork combo. Find more after the jump.
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Interbike 2013 By Ride BMX Part 2

Fly Bikes
The second batch of product videos from the Interbike 2013 from Ride BMX is here and it includes new parts and products from Fly Bikes, Deluxe, Bone Deth, Fairdale, ODI and Merritt. A lot of new stuff will be there on the market in the coming months, from new Devon Smillie Fuego line from Fly, to all the new goodies from Merritt, ODI, Bone Deth and the rest of the brands. Watch more videos afterthe jump.
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Kink BMX At Interbike 2013 – Day Two

Kink released the day two video from the Interbike 2013 where Jay Roe is talking a little about their coming web videos and the new Youtube channel and Matt Antes about Lloyd Wright’s signature Right tire, that should be available in 2014.
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Interbike 2013 By Vital BMX Part 2

Volume at Interbike 2013 – More BMX Videos

Volume Bikes
Here is more from this year’s Interbike show, brought to you by Vital BMX. Find out what is new in store from Volume Bikes, S&M Bikes, Diamondback, Stranger, Hyper and Eastern Bikes after the jump and start saving money for all the new cool stuff you will buy for your bike. I am really looking forward to see the big fat S&M Bikes Mainline tire in person, because this thing is monstrous.
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Kink BMX At Interbike 2013 – Day One

Guys over at Kink BMX, Jay Roe and Matt Antes, will be doing product videos each day of the Interbike 2013 bike show, to reveal all the new stuff they have in store for you that will be available in the coming months. First off is the new pedal they have been working on over the past years and the new “pivotal” seat system.

Interbike 2013 By Ride BMX

Like I sad, the next few days will be pretty much all about Interbike 2013 and new products from all the brands that are on the market. Ride BMX present you short videos from brands like Subrosa, Stolen, United, Revenge Industries, S&M Bikes, Kink and Fit Bikes to show you all kind of different products they brought to the show. From Christian Rigal’s signature frame from United, to Simone Barraco’s new Noster frame and everything in between.
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