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Catching Up With Scotty Cranmer (After Superstorm Sandy)

Duo Brand caught up with Scotty Cranmer after the superstorm Sandy that demolished East Coast a few months back and Scotty was one of many in New Jersey at that time, experiencing chaos. Find out how it feels being in a storm of that magnitude, how Sandy effected on him and his family, what was the craziest thing he saw during the storm and more.

Mellon 7’s – Jack Watts

For this week we caught up with young Portsmouth, England based skatepark rider Jack Watts. Jack is known by his ridiculous barspin and tailwhip combinations and pretty much for killing it all the freaking time. Click read more to read what Jack has to say about BMX community, about our page and more.
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Garrett Reynolds “Little Thrills” Interview

The Albion posted online the “Little Thrills” interview they did with Garrett Reynolds. Head over there at read what Garrett has to say about his mother, who got him into riding street, his first sponsor, agent and much more. This is a really good read and you must not miss it.
“I’m just like any other bike rider, I go through the same shit.”– Garrett

FlatWeb TV – Chad Johnston & Peter Adams Video Interview

Guys over at the FlatWeb TV had enough clips from S&M’s Chad Johnston and Peter Adams to make one more video interview with these two talking about tricks, web edits, who is responsible for S&M when picking up new riders and much more along with clips from previous web edits.

Dave Dillewaard Interview

Dave Dillewaard took it hard on the rail trying a 180 to double peg, what resulted as a blown knee. Frenchie caught up with him for Focalpoint to talk about the injury, surgery, rehabilitation and more. Click here and take a quick read to find out what happened and what is wrong with his knee.

Mellon 7’s: Declan Brooks

Another week, another Mellon 7’s interview. This time we caught up with only 16 years old Declan Brooks from Portsmouth, England, who has been killing it this past year like crazy. Click read more and read what Declan thinks about BMX community, what was his worst injury and more. Thanks Declan Brooks for all those fine words.
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Alex Donnachie Christmas Special Interview

Sam James decided to do a Christmas special post up on his Southwest BMX page, so he sat down with Alex Donnachie to do a bike check and an interview, asking him about his personal setup, competitions, favorite place to ride, scariest thing and a lot more. Make your way over there to check it out.

Catching Up With Colton Satterfield

Guys over at Mad Gear caught up with Colton Satterfield at Woodward West to talk about the 2012 season, from Mega Ramp contests, to Dew Tour San Francisco and Nitro Circus. Colton’s plans for 2013 are big and he even hopes to get more into vert riding. Along with all that, you will be seeing all sorts of insane and huge tricks from Colton. Enjoy.
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Mellon 7’s – Eduards Zunda

It is one day before the end of the world, so yes, we need to quickly post a fresh new Mellon 7’s interview up here. This time we got Eduards Zunda from Latvia, who has been really busy this past year. He won this year’s The Hunt video contest (if you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend you to do it ASAP), recently got hooked up by Odyssey and dropped a few really great edits through the year. Take a little of your time and read what are Ed’s answers after the jump.
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Alli “My Five” – Broc Raiford

Alli Sports dropped a fresh new “My Five” edit, where the caught up with Broc Raiford to talk about where would he like to travel, his most embarrassing moment, his dream sponsor and more. There is a good amount of high hops, grinds, nose manuals and other stuff along the interview, there are all worth a watch.
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