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Sebastian Anton Interview And Bike Check

There is a quick interview up on the Eclat web site with one of their newest riders from Germany, through Traffic distribution, Sebastian Anton. Sebi is an up and coming name in the BMX scene, young ripper who is a proud member of the Eclat team. There are also some photos of the bike up on the site, that you might be interested in checking in.

Alli Sports “My Five” – Alex Landeros

Find out what Alex Landeros wanted to be when he was a little kid, what he likes more motorcycles or cars, what he looks for when he goes snorkeling and more in this episode of Alli Sports’ “My Five” video interview. Don’t forget, there are also some sweet as riding clips in here.
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Props Issue 32 – Brian Castillo Interview

I was a big fan of Brian Castillo back in the day and I still am, cause of his one of a kind style of riding and him bringing out what now became a big brand, Volume Bikes. Props dropped a rad interview with him that was featured in the Props Issue 32 and includes pretty much everything. Brian never liked competing, he likes eating candy and fast food. Find more above.
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Mellon 7’s – Eki Vainikka

Eki Vainikka is one lucky Finish shredder, since he didn’t have any serious injuries yet and we all hope it stays like that (we also wish all the best to everyone out there, injuries are the worst), but he suck at telling jokes. Still, he is a very nice guy and T1 ramp is his favorite place he ever ridden. Find more about this kid after the jump.
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Mike Aitken Soul Interview

A few months ago Soul BMX ran an interview with Mike Aitken in their magazine, made by Jeremy Pavia, and since it was in French and a lot of English speaking people around the world would also like to read it, Fit now translate it and threw it in a flipbook for your reading enjoyment. It pretty much is a must read.

Alli “My Five” – Grant Castelluzzo

A few hot lines from Grant Castelluzzo for his version of Alli Sports’ “My Five” interview where he talks about who influences him, his opinion about toboggans, how it is living with Mike Hinkens and more. I really like all the moves Grant is doing with smith grinds.
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Animal “What’s Good With” – Edwin De La Rosa

As promised Animal Bikes dropped the What’s Good interview with Edwin De La Rosa, where you can get updates on what this guy have been up to, where he went over the winter time, the street jam and more.

Alli Sports “My Five” – Josh Perry

Alli Sports sat down with Josh Perry for a fresh new installment in their My Five series to talk about his favorite workout besides riding BMX, best people to travel with, his best ever Halloween costume and to bring out some fresh riding footage from him.
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Garrett Reynolds Deadline Interview

The official premiere of the long awaited Deadline video will be happening tomorrow at the Vans skatepark, but in the mean time, make your way over to the Dig web site, to read an interview they did with the man himself, Garrett Reynolds. I know everyone is dying to see this video, but finally it is finished and it will blow away the world (I guess).

Connor Lodes Premium Interview

There is a short interview with Connor Lodes made up on the Premium web site, where they chat about 2013 Ride To Glory, Markit Barcelona trip, filming, Chad Kerley’s another level of filming and more. Pretty good read and it won’t take you long.