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Catching Up With Shawn McIntosh

ESPN caught up with Shawn McIntosh to talk about his sponsors, Fit and Primo, the move to California, testing sample parts, flowing around skateparks, riding streets and much more. There is also a handful of crazy good riding in here along with some nasty crashes.
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5 Worst Things With Sean Burns

Sean Burns. When you see a title like this, “5 Worst Things”, and you see Sean Burns is the guy how will be answering the questions, you just don’t know what to expect. All I can say is that it is a must read and that he broke his dick, while trying a caveman.

Tattooing With Lee Dennis

if you are into tattooing, or you are just getting into it guys over at Northern Embassy made an interview with Lee Dennis, to talk about how he got into it, BMX and tattoo influences and more. Nice little read.

Brad Simms Interview

If you were following Brad Simms and all his updates on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter you knew that he stayed out of the US for over a year. Now is the time to fins out why he stayed out so long, which country he visited during this time, what language he learned and more.

Mellon 7’s – Ricardo Laguna

For our new Mellon 7’s interview with caught up with a MTV star and all around amazing riding and Extreme Thing organizer Ricardo Laguna. Read what he thinks about BMX community, get some laugh and find out what was his worst injury after the jump.
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Rok Krivec Shock Empire Interview

If you would like to know more about me and Mellon BMX, please head over to the Shock Empire page and read an interview Matt Brewer did with me. I need to say big, big thank you Matt, for the opportunity and for the chance to get my word out.

Alli “My Five” – Anthony Napolitan

Anthony Napolitan shreds the amazing trails spot in New Zealand and answers on five questions for Alli Sports’ new installment in the My Five series. I really like the answer on the, which BMX rider would he nominated for president.
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Face Time With Nick Seabasty

New Jersey based shredder Nick Seabasty talks about his crew, called the LFS, filming, why he parted ways with his sponsor Cult, new sponsors, plans for 2013 and more. Along with that, he threw down a few moves at the 5050 skatepark.

Adam Piatek Interview

After a banging web edit, 16 years old Adam Piatek now has an interview up on the Macneil site, where he talks about his favorite riders, his favorite park to ride, his current Kiraly whip and more.

Alli “My Five” – Mike Hinkens

In this new episode of Alli Sports’ My Five Mike Hinkens rides in the snows, gets technical and talks about riding in the winter, his favorite beverage, his haircut, being a teacher and about his favorite food.
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