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Mellon 7’s – John Yull

For our next Mellon 7’s interview we have no other than a flatland legend, now from Austin, Texas, John Yull. At 42, John is still riding his bike each and everyday, so no excuses guys. Even if you are an older guy who is just getting into the game, just ride and have fun with out, don’t bother what other thinks. Find answers after the jump.
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Alli “My Five” – Trey Jones

For the new installment in Alli Sports’ My Five short video interviews, they sat down with Trey Jones to talk about hist first ever concert, who gave him first free products, what stuff he collects and more along with some damn technical riding.
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Chad Degroot Video Interview

ESPN dropped this video interview with the legend himself, Chad Degroot, to talk about his daily routines, his shop in Florida, Bikes N Boards, Deco and diet. Along with all that talking and stuff, Chad filmed some ridiculous flat/park combos for us to check out.
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Mellon 7’s – Alex Donnachie

It is the last Thursday of January 2013 and we are back with the last Mellon 7’s interview for this month. We caught up with Perth, Scotland rider and front wheel wizard Alex Donnachie. If you would like to find out why tailwhips are scary for Alex and more, click read more button.
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Corey Bohan Interview

Unit sat down with Corey Bohan right after he came back home, to chat about the filming for the second episode of the Wizard Of Aus series, dirt getting back into X Games, his usual riding crew and much more.

Alli “My Five” – Mark Mulville

Alli Sports’ newest installment in the My Five web episodes features Mark Mulville talking about his favorite hair metal band, his worst ever crash, favorite BMX video and more, along with nailing down a few technical lines.
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Ryan Nyquist Video Interview

Ryan Nyquist – Vital BMX Interview – More BMX Videos

If you have a little more than half an hour of free time and if you are a big fan of Ryan Nyquist, I highly recommend you to press on the button above and watch this video interview, made by Vital. There is all about Ryan’s career and when he turned pro, injuries, cash and future plans.
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Garrett Reynolds Facebook Q&A

If you ever wanted to ask Garrett Reynolds a question, now is your chance to do it. Hit Cinema’s Facebook page and write your answer in the comments section below this post. Ask smart, cause Garrett will answer only his favorites.

Mellon 7’s – Matt Coplon

It is my honor to present you our next Mellon 7’s interview. This time we caught up with non other than Tampa, Florida based Matt Coplon. Matt is in the game for way more years than I am and is still doing it strong. He sure knew how to have fun back in the days. Take a quick read after the jump, check a few action photos and make sure you follow Matt’s blog.
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Chase Hawk Injury Update

Odyssey dropped a quick injury updated with Chase Hawk to talk about how he is doing during the recovery process. He pretty much tries to keep him busy and also did a few runs on his bike yesterday. Hope to see this guy back in the game soon.