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Isaac Lesser Goes Atomic At The New Rush Skatepark

Past autumn Isaac Lesser, Essex, England native, did some riding at the new Rush skatepark and here is the edit that he filmed over there. Isaac has tons of skills and he has no problems going technical and big. This new web video of his has it all, so hit it and enjoy the madness.
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MMXIII Mix from James Appleton on Vimeo.

James Appleton threw together unseen clips filmed over the course of 2013 featuring Isaac Lesser, Billy Cooper, Vince Mayne, Billy Purcell, Tom Milham, Damien Kidd, Mike King, Steve Fraser, Harry Rushworth, James Battershill, Ryan McGranaghan, Paul McGranaghan, Liam Rogers, Alex Palmer, Ben Saunders, Jake Hilling and Sam Everette.

Mankind – Isaac Lesser 2013 Edit

ISAAC LESSER – Mankind 2013 from Sean Pointing on Vimeo.

Sean Pointing spent time with Mankind’s Isaac Lesser through the past year filming clips at skateparks and street spots and the final product is now finish and ready for you to check it out. Isaac is a beast, he can kill streets and he can kill parks, he can go big and he can go really technical. This is really solid and it includes plenty of ridiculous moves.
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2013 Cycle Show Highlights

2013 Cycle Show Highlights – More BMX Videos

Vital has these video highlights out from this year’s UK Cycle Show skatepark finals and rail jam and they are amazing. Insane riding went down, bug moves, but it was Isaac Lesser who went home with gold medal, followed by Tom Justice on second place and Jack Watts on third.
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Vital BMX UK Jam Highlights

Vital BMX UK Jam – More BMX Videos

To celebrate te launch of Vital BMX UK the hosted a jam at the Redditch skatepark. Alex Coleborn, Jack Clark, Brad McNicol, Isaac Lesser, Larry Lomotey and many more came to shred and to have fun. Exactly four minutes long video highlights full of insanity.
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Mankind Streetjam – Berlin

People over at Mankind recently threw a Streetjam down over on the street of Berlin, Germany and here is now a recap from the day, brought to you by Mirko Wakat. Berlin has amazing spots to ride and they visited quite a few. Riding from Jeff Klugiewicz, Rob DiQuattro, Isaac Lesser, Martyn Cooper, Daniel Juchatz, Björn Mager, Grant Castelluzzo, Arik Elstran and many more.
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Nightmare In Castlegreen Street

Jason Phelan, David Budko, Kriss Kyle, Isaac Lesser, Greg Illingworth and other got together at the Unit 23 one day and this is what happened. I am not 100% sure if all this was filmed in just one day, but it doesn’t really matter, there are tons and tons of heavy moves in here and I am sure you will enjoy each and every single one.
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Adrenaline Alley Building 2 Contest

Adrenaline Alley Building 2 Contest – More BMX Videos

Adrenaline Alley opened a new ramp facility and to celebrate it’s opening they threw a contest down. Here are now the highlights featuring one of the best UK park riders, but it was Dean Cueson who got first place, followed by Alex Coleborn and Isaac Lesser.
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Mankind – Isaac Lesser Canvey Session

Isaac Lesser and Luke Duffy recently spent an afternoon at the Canvey skatepark to get some filming done for Isaac’s sponsor Mankind. It is Isaac we are talking about and it is big air tricks, nose manuals and other technical stuff what you will be watching next.
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X Fest 2013 – Park Highlights

X Fest 2013: Park Highlights – More BMX Videos

Highlights from the recent 2013 X Fest park contest that went down in Northamptonshire, UK, highlighting riders like Alex Coleborn, Tom Justice, Declan Brooks, Ashley Douglas, Isaac Lesser and more. UK’S finest crashed, but also pulled tons of real good moves.
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