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Focalpoint BMX – Croydon Spot


Focalpoint BMX has been riding and building this DIY spot for over a year now and it looks super fun to ride. Check out Daniel Johnson, Marnold, Jack Kelly, Cooper Brownlee, Luke Parker, Lachy Swanton, Eric Cuiper and Luke Vandenberg having plenty of fun at the Croydon spot.
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Into The City – Mixtape #1

I was really looking forward to these new web series from Focalpoint and Cooper Brownlee, that are entirely filmed in Melbourne, Australia, titled “Into The City.” The first mixtape has just dropped and it is incredible. Really well filmed and edited with a big amount of crazy good street moves from riders like Marnold, Cooper Brownlee, Jack Kelly, Daniel Johnson, Lachy Swanton, Luke Parker and others. I highly suggest you to hit play and check this one out.
When you are done with watching, there is a great photo gallery up on Focalpoint from filming this piece, worth taking a peek.
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Colony Endeavour 2014 Complete Bike Promo

Now these kind of promotional videos are the one I really like. They not only show you all the specifications of the bike, but you get tons of really good riding from the whole crew. Hit play above and see what Colony’s 2014 Endeavour complete bike is offering along with riding clips from Alex Hiam, Chris Courtenay, Jourdan Barba, Cooper Brownlee, Jack Kelly, Bobbie Altiser, Pete Radivo, Ryan Guettler, Tom Stretton and Mick Bayzand.
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Colony – Jack Kelly B-Roll

Stoked that Colony is doing these B-Roll edits from filming for their team riders’ edits. Here are crashes, second angle shots, outtakes and unscene footage from making Jack Kelly’s recent Colony web edit. Those backflip attempts at the end are ridiculous. Find the smallest bump and tell Jack about it and he will try to flip it.
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Colony Brand – Follow The Lines Tour

Colony is happy to announce that they are going on a Follow The Lines filming and hanging out tour, starting next week. 10 riders will go on the road hitting various stores around Australia, trails spots, streets and skatepark.
Riders are: Mick Bayzand, Chris Courtenay, Marnold, Tom Stretton, Brandon Van Dulken, Jourdan Barba, Jack Kelly, Cooper Brownlee, Zac Miner and Clint Millar.
All the destinations they will be hitting can be found above.

Colony – Jack Kelly Edit

I knew that Jack Kelly is a best on his bike, but his new Colony web edit is out of control. This Aussie shredder will clear just every single rail and will pule just every single grind move. It is unreal how much sick stuff he does in here. You guys will enjoy this one. Seen on TCU.
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Colony – Jack Kelly Ten Clips

Cooper Brownlee met up with Jack Kelly one afternoon at the Chadstone park in Melbourne, Australia to get ten clips filmed, for a new installment in Colony’s Ten Clip web edits. Jack nailed down some good moves, well lines. Check it out.
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Jack Kelly Colony Ad

Colony’s latest print ad featuring Jack Kelly getting a crank arm grind done down the rail, that can be found in the latest issue of the Focalpoint magazine. If you haven’t seen the mag yet, you can do it now, it’s free and it’s online.

Focalpoint – The Package #8

The eight installment in Focalpoint’s The Package is nothing but good stuff and good riding. Awesome street riding, rail and ledges grinding, gapping and technical moves from Sam Illman, Daniel Johnson, Luke Vandenberg, Marnold, Cooper Brownlee, Lachy Swanton, Mick Bayzand, Alex Bolton, Phil Del Tito, Troy Charlesworth, Kym Grosser, Barney, Chirs Finnigan, Kevin Kiraly and Jack Kelly.
If you still don’t have the copy of a DVD they made with all wight video along with twenty five minutes of crashes and b-rolls, go and get yourself a copy on their web shop.
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Jack Kelly Bike Check

Colony shot a few photos of Jack Kelly’s current ride for you to check out and also did a parts list if you are curious what parts this mate is riding. A pretty crazy welcome to the team edit is dropping in the coming weeks, so sty tuned.