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Primo – Freemix Freecoaster Hub Promo

Promotional video for the Primo Freemix freecoaster hub with Sean Ricany, Jackson Ratima, Bobby Simmons, JJ Palmere, Tony Neyer and Ty Morrow. Go with the tread, so go with the freecoaster. Hub is available now so contact your local shop or favorite mail order and get your hands on it.
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Jackson Ratima Stolen Ad

Jackson Ratima with a fence style wall-ride for Stolen’s latest print ad that you can seen in the 197th issue of Ride BMX magazine.

Bay Game – Scrizzy #2

The Bay Game crew continues with the Scrizzy series and just dropped the second installment, featuring Julio Tating, Jackson Ratima, Bob Randel, Boy, Raul Ruiz, Chris Brown, Tomy Prince, Kurtis Elwell and Anthony Renda. Been missing footage from these guys, so it is great seeing them back. Enjoy.
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Primo – The Blazers

Earlier this year Primo riders Aaron Branner, Andrew Castaneda, Anthony “Boy” Flores, Jackson Ratima, Shawn McIntosh, Steve Croteau, Tony Neyer and Ty Morrow headed north, to spent eleven days exploring every single corner of Portland, Oregon. Such a heavy crew of riders and so much time to film and if you combine it together, something really ridiculous and amazing will came out. What came out is a five minutes long web video that is pure fire.
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Stolen Bikes – Canada Trip / Toronto

I know you were all waiting for the Toronto part of the Stolen Bikes Canada trip and so was I and look, here it is now. The video is stacked with good clips from Sean Morr, Morgan Long, Jackson Ratima, Kurt Russell and Pipe Williams. If you missed the Montreal video, watch it when you are done with this one.
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Stolen Bikes – Canada Trip / Montreal

Stolen’s Sean Morr, Morgan Long, Jackson Ratima, Kurt Russell, Bertie Buck and Pipe Williams all make their way to Canada to film for a two part video series and the first part is all about Montreal and it’s awesome street spots. This came out really good and some proper stuff went down. Filmed and edited by Bertie Buck. Enjoy this piece and stay tuned for the Toronto part.
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Primo – Jackson Ratima “The Ratima Grip” Promo

Jackson Ratima met up with Anthony “Boy” Flores, cruised around town and also did some riding to promote his signature grips from Primo. Video made by Miles Rogoish. The grips are now available and ready for you handlebars and for your hands.
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Shawn McIntosh’s Belated Birthday Jam

Shawn McIntosh and Primo teamed up to host a jam in honor of Mac’s birthday in Sunday, June 30th, 2013. Come, ride and hang out with Ty Morrow, Tony Neyer, Mac, Jackson Ratima, Anthony “Boy” Flores, Andrew Castaneda and Steve Croteau. Mark you calendars and be there in a week.

We Made It – Calling The Shots

Pretty cool Calling The Shots video Chris Bracamonte put together for the We Made It, from a day spent cruising around Venice Beach with Tom Villarreal, Jackson Ratima, Miles Simone and more. Hit play and check a wild girl doing some stunts on roller skates along with all the awesome riding.
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Primo – Jackson Ratima 2013 Edit

New heat from Primo’s Jackson Ratima. Jackson is bringing out to the street his awesome mostly pegs use style of riding and made this one dope piece and promo for his signature grips. That long smith grind on a rail was nuts. Go press the play button above.
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