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TXL X Delic

TXL x Delic from Jacob Hope on Vimeo.

Jacob Hope sending over a really dope TXL X Delic collaboration video featuring riding from Jacob himself, Trent Aleman, Miles Kurth, James Anderson, Jeremie Infelise, Matt Hildebrand and Manny Rodriguez, shredding spots around Texas and Oklahoma.
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Richardson Bike Mart – Texas Toast Jam 2013

RBM Texas Toast Jam 2013 from Jacob Hope on Vimeo.

Richardson Bike Mart shop took a trip to the Texas Toast Jam 2013 in Austin, Texas and this is a documentary they (Jacob Hope and Stephen Bruner) managed to film. I guess this is still not the last edit from this year’s Texas Toast, so stay tuned, cause I am sure we will be seeing more.

TXL Summer Gaze

Jacob Hope sent over a mix edit of himself and his friends that was filmed over the course of summer around Dallas, Sherman and Denison, Texas and Durant, OK. Nothing to serious, nothing to wild, but the web video gives out good vibe and shows us how much fun these guys have on the bike.
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Miles Kurth For Richardson Bike Mart

Miles Kurth is the newest addition to the Richardson Bike Mart and this is his welcome to the team edit. Miles sure deserves the support, cause he kills it on a bike and has a dope style. Web edit made by Jacob Hope. Check it out, I guarantee you you will enjoy it.
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Good Time Lewisville / Allen Skatepark

Jacob Hope is on it this year coming out with new edits all the freaking time. Here is a new one he filmed with his mates at the Lewisville and Allen skateparks and like title is saying, all had good times. Riding from Ian Yeager, Deven Ferrer, Nathan Petitpas, Matt Crabtree, Jared James, Alex Hammett and others. Check it.
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Dallas And OKC Riders – Untitled TXL Trailer

Jacob Hope hit me up with a trailer for the video he is working on with the Dallas and OKC riders. The video will feature everything street, dirt and skatepark riding and by the looks at the trailer, it is going to be an amazing product full of good and very skilled riders.
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Ross Blanford For Richardson Bike Mart 2013

Jacob Hope just sent over this new web edit he was working on with Ross Blanford for his sponsor Richardson Bike Mart. They sure put a lot of working into making this one happen, cause the final product is really solid and includes solid street and skatepark shredding. I definitely wanna see more from Ross in the future.
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TXL Mixtape

Jacob Hope just hit me up with this really good six minutes long TXL Mixtape, which includes some solid street shredding and also some park riding. Featuring riding from Ross Blanford, Miles Kurth, Adam Lee, Jacob himself, Trent Aleman, Rafael Gonzales, Ian Yeager, Jared James, Trevor Allen, Andrew Clinkscales and CJ.
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Crux Division Mix

Jacob Hope is the guy responsible for editing this Crux Division mix edit, that he just dropped on vimeo. It features almost the entire team and you will be seeing mostly street riding in it. Check out what these riders managed to film.
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Road To Rays

Jacob Hope hit me up with this video he made on a recent trip from Dallas, Texas to Cleveland, Ohio with his mates, visiting Rays MTB and also a skatepark in Louisville, Kentucky. How did you know I really like Ozzy? Good song pick and an overall good video with full of good stuff in it.
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