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Long Beach / SoCal Mix Edit

There is a really good collection of clips in this one all filmed by Zach Krejmas. Featuring riding from Kareem Williams, Chris Rivers, Cory Wiergowski, Tony Neyer, Dylan Stark, Garrett Reeves, Ed Strong, Aaron Bostrom, Gabe Brooks, Jake Muras and Zach himself. Enjoy.

Stranger – People Vs. Things

I must admit, I was really waiting for some time now for some fresh new stuff from the Stranger guys. Here is their first ever mixtape. Fourteen minutes of must-not-to-be-missed shredding from Rich Hirsch, Eli Taylor, Zach Krejmas, Charlie Crumlish, Eric Bahlman, Bobby Kanode, Jesse Whaley, Wolfman, Jake Muras, Matt Barchus, Wes McGrath and Craig Passero. Enjoy.
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High Desert To Long Beach

“It doesn’t get much better than cruising the streets with your pals. This is a bunch of stuff I shot while riding with various peeps in various places. From Arizona and the High Desert of California, to Riverside, Santa Ana, Long Beach, and Los Angeles. Riding from Jake Muras, Bobby Kanode, Eric Bahlman, Dave McDermott, Jake Ortiz, Matty Long, Chris Gille and many other homies, additional filming by Jeff Z.”– Zach Krejmas, Ride
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Jake Muras High Desert Tumbleweeds

“Jake Muras is a good friend of mine whom I grew up riding with in the High Desert of Victorville, California. The town itself is quite old and the architecture definitely reflects its age. Jake’s “set-up oriented” style of riding is a direct reflection of the environment he grew up in. We decided to shoot this edit all on his home turf in an attempt to stay true to his roots and to showcase this area of Southern California that has hardly been touched. You won’t find the newest grind combo to 180 in this edit, but what you will find is much better in my opinion. It’s all about the set-ups.” – Zach Krejmas, RideBMX.
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Stranger – Zach Krejmas And Jake Muras

Jake Muras and Zach Krejmas both doing it for Stranger and to prove that here is the video full of great and original lines.

Jake Muras Stranger Promo


Here is Jake Muras’s Stranger promo video that was filmed in the high desert of California and Long Beach. Jake has a unique street style with so much good moves.
Video by Zach Krejmas