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Erik Elstran And Jake Seeley At Round Rock

Erik Elstran & Jake Seeley: Creative Technicality at Round Rock – More BMX Videos

Erik Elstran and Jake Seeley, one super creative and one super tech rider, teamed up and hit up the concrete skatepark in Round Rock, Texas for a fun session. I really wish this was longer, cause the riding in here is so freaking good. Enjoy and make sure you watch it at least three times to get all the tricks.
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Win Jake Seeley’s Personal Setup

Sunday Bikes and Jake Seeley teamed up to give you a chance of winning Jake’s personal chrome setup. All you have to do is download the Raskils app, if you haven’t already and enter this contest with your best grind photo.

Getting Serious With Ben Hucke – Utah Edition

Fresh new Getting Serious With Ben Hucke episode is here and it is all about getting serious in Utah, riding bikes, BMX, road bikes and MTB. Thereare also clips from Hucke’s jam featuring Ben himself, Jake Seeley, Jared Washington, Mike Gray, Zack Gerber and others.
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Merritt BMX’S The Garden Shop Stop

A few weeks ago while beeing on a Shop Stop trip Merritt crew stopped by Jake Seeley’s local BMX shop in Massachusetts, The Garden, and hit the local concrete skatepark for a session. Here is a collection of clips they managed to film and it is great. Manual to downside tailwhip to fakie is still one of the craziest trick out of a manual ever.
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Ben Hucke’s Non-Invitational Jam Highlights

Now this one is pretty epic. The Ben Hucke Non-Invitational jam happened on July 27th and here are the highlights showing pro riders like Jared Washington, Jake Seeley, Eric Lichtenberger, Matt Beringer and others pulling the most insane tricks. Last up double peg to flat from Dylan Stark was bananas.
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Sunday Bikes Goes To New England

Sunday Bikes riders Alex Magallan, Jake Seeley and Lee Dennis along with their newest team members Chris Childs and Mark Burnett took a trip to New England to hit the streets. From big and crazy gaps to tech rails riding, all five of them murdered it in this one. No matter what kind of street riding you like, there will be something for you in here.
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Sunday Bikes Garden Shop Stop

This upcoming Sunday, June 16th, Sunday Bikes is sending Alex Magallan, Jake Seeley, Lee Dennis and Mark Burnett over to The Garden shop in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. You better be there if you wanna hang out with this crew of riders.

Profile – Jake Seeley 2013 Edit

Technical grind wizard, Jake Seeley, spent some time with Charlie Crumlish behind the lens over the winter in Austin, Texas, hitting all bunch of good and weird street spots, to film stuff for his new Profile web edit. You never know what Jake will pull and this is why I like watching his edits. Enjoy.
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Jake Seeley Sunday Bikes Ad

Have a look at the latest Sunday Bikes print ad that yea can find in the April issue of the Ride UK magazine, featuring Jake Seeley doing a crooked grind to toothpick down a kinked rail on a Broadcaster frame. Jake is always going as tech as possible.

Jake Seeley Bike Check

With the release of Jake Seeley’s signature Sunday Bikes Emergency Broadcaste Bonus Bike, he built himself out his version of it, using Sunday Bikes, Odyssey and Profile Racing parts. If you would like to know what are all the parts he is running, check the parts list.