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Yakuza Crew At 100KA Street Jam

YAKUZA crew /Bratislava/100KA STREET JAM CVERNOVKA from YakuzaBMX on Vimeo.

Yakuza crew riders Jakub Juza and Vita Kacha recently took a bus and headed to the 100KA Street Jam in Bratislava, Slovakia and these are some clips the managed to film during the jam. Tons of good flat rail and flat ledge stuff in here. Hit it.
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Monkey Camp One Day Edit

MONKEY CAMP / One Day edit from YakuzaBMX on Vimeo.

One day edit at the Kamil Feifer’s Monkey Camp indoor ramp setup featuring Jakub Juza, Ondra Slez, David Foglar, Zdenda Pesek, Ludek Sedlar, Vita Kacha, Ondra Havlicek, Ondrej Hudy Hudec, Jiri Blabol, Kamil Feifer, Tomas Randa and more.
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34R BMX Holland Trip

34R BMX Holland trip from 34R – BMX COMPANY on Vimeo.

34R BMX riders Zdenda Pejda Pesek, Jakub Juza, Jan Beranek and Channon Balorian took a trip to Holland this year and made stops in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, where they hit up streets and skateparks and film enough awesome stuff to get this great road-trip style piece done.
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Sunday Night At Stvanice

Michal Smelko, Ondrej Hudec and Jakub Juza threw a night session down at the Stvanice half-indoor skatepark in Czech Republic and came out with a solid mix piece. All three pretty much killed it really hard and I highly suggest you to check it out. Winter is coming.
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Smokin Trip Vienna 2

Ludis Toth, Jakub Juza, Michael Smelko, Gabo Husek, Stajn, Marek Vrabel, Adam Baricic, Martin Svoboda, Mario Flamik, Tomas Frastia and Jarda Jirutka recently made a trip to Vienna, Austria to get some riding stuff done and to make a little documentary from the trip. Here it is now ready for you to check it out. The wuality of the video is poor, but is plenty of pretty solid stuff in here.
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34R Team On A Trip To BMX Worlds 2013

The 34R crew, consisting of Ondra Slez, Vilibald Vitek, Zdenda Pesek, Vita Kacha, Jakub Juza, Stefan Pauli, Danny Josa, Michal Teichman, Jan Hubka, Lukas Barta, Pavel Hyvnar and Kamil Feifer, took a trip to Cologne, Germany for the BMX Worlds event and this is a little documentary from their adventure.
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34R – Jakub Juza In Malaga, Spain

34R rider Jakub Juza spent some time in Malaga, Spain recently and got back home with tons of crazy good footage for this new web edit. Style, nose manual skills, big barspins, forwardish handlebar and banger after banger. Not only that Jakub went really technical, he also nailed down some ridiculously big stunts. Guys, you must not miss this one, I enjoyed every second of it.
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Pofel Time 2013

The Pofel BMX crew is pretty busy shredding and filming all the time and here are two (find second web edit after the jump) edits they recently filmed featuring Ludis Toth, Vita Kacha, Jakub Juza, Dan Caha and Vlasta Mayorov. Czech Republic is on fire.
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34R – Jakub Juza Short Edit

Jakub Juza made an edit over the winter, riding a few street spots and a skatepark to say thanks to his sponsors. This guy knows how to balance on that front wheel and how to get grinds and various combos done.
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Jakub Juza Welcome To 34R

Here is a short welcome to the team edit featuring Jakub Juza who is now officially part of the 34R BMX company. Jakub shows you how things need to be done on his fresh chrome setup.
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