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Leftovers, Extras And Phone Clips

leftovers, extras & Phone clips from josh zylstra on Vimeo.

Josh Zylstra put together these leftovers, extra clips and phone clips he had laying around in this mix web edit featuring Sam Lowe, Andy Roode, James Steele, Brian Serneels, JR, Josh Straat, Josh Zylstra, Derrick Pilger, Andrew King, Nick Meyer and Mackie.
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Kink – James Steele 2013 Edit

Kink’s James Steele coming out all hot with a brand new web edit and maybe the last in 2013, that he filmed at spots around Rochester, Vancouver, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Austin and Kitchener. Lots and lots of quality street stuff you must not miss.
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Kink Woodward Week – July 21st to 25th

Kink riders Jay Roe, Chris Doyle, Tony Hamlin, Darryl Tocco, Aaron Smith, Ben Hittle, Dan Coller and James Steele along with Ft rider Jake Petruchik, will be at the Woodward East from July 21st to July 25th. Be there if you want to meet all these heavy hitters.

Kink – James Steele

“Fresh new edit from James shredding Vancouver over the last few months. James has been riding for Tenpack and Kink for quite awhile and after pushing through a knee surgery and working all the time he has found time to keep killing it. Both James and Winnipeg local and Kink/Tenpack rider Wayne Hartman, will be joining us in Montreal this June.”Kink

NorthernEmbassy – An Evening With Sam Lowe And James Steele

An evening with Sam Lowe and James Steele from Embassy on Vimeo.

Sam Lowe and James Steele spent an evening at a concrete park to film this mix clip for NorthernEmbassy. Both riders are really great and fun to watch. Enjoy.