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Backflip Billy And A Backflip Quadruple Barspin

Jamie Bestwick posted on his Instagram this insane clip of Backflip Billy pulling a backflip quadruple barspin. This is some serious s*@t and it doesn’t really matter if it is pulled in foam pit, because you know Billy will soon be pulling this trick over a jump box.
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Jamie Bestwick Video Bike Check

Jamie Bestwick – Riding + Bike Check – More BMX Videos

Jamie Bestwick runs you through his Iron Man inspired bike setup and does all bunch of wild riding at the Woodward ramp facility. Jamie sure is one of the best of all time in the game of vert riding and it is always great to see fresh stuff from him.
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Rare Air With Jamie Bestwick

Crooked World dropped a new installment in their Rare Air series featuring Jamie Bestwick. Jamie gets way back when he was a kid and when he was riding and jumping over a kicker on a borrowed 16 inch Tomahawk bike. You remember your first cleared kicker?
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Best Of Dew Tour Ocean City 2013

The best moments from the Dew Tour that took place in Ocean City, Maryland. All four contests are included in here, vert, skatepark, flat and street and features riding from Jamie Bestwick, Simon Tabron, Coco Zurita, Harry Main, Pat Casey, Ryan Nyquist, Matthias Dandois, Sean Sexton, Chad Kerley, Dan Lacey and more.
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Dew Tour Ocean City – Vert Finals Highlights

Vert finals at Dew Tour Ocean City, Maryland are also over and Jame Bestwick was the rider who took home ninth Dew vert win. The rest of the competitors also went all in at the finals and here are the highlights for your viewing pleasure. Some went super stylish and the others were throwing down some unreal trick combinations.
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Dew Tour Ocean City Vert Final Results

The vert competition at Dew Tour Ocean City went down today in Maryland and look what happened, Jamie Bestwick has done it again. This is now his ninth Vert Dew Cup and if you watched the live stream you know why. Second place went to Vince Byron and third to Steve McCann. Stay tuned for the video highlights.

Dew Tour Ocean City – Day Two Practice Video

Video highlights from the day two of practice at the Dew Tour Ocean City featuring riding from Pat Casey, Coco Zurita, Harry Main, Drew Bezanson, Jamie Bestwick, Chad Kerley, Simon Tabron, Glenn Salyers and many more. Footage from vert and more footage from the skatepark. The contests are going to be really serious.
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Jamie Bestwick Wins X Games Barcelona Vert

The world best vert rider Jamie Bestwick has done it again. He won the X Games Barcelona Vert contest. This is his 8th X Games gold medal and he is far from retiring. Hear from Jamie himself about the contests, competitors and what he has in plans for 2013. Find the first six spots after the jump.
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X Games Brazil Results

After the jump you can check the results from the X Games Brazil and above you can watch Kyle Baldock’s winning park run. Kyle not only won park, he also dominated dirt. And Jamie Bestwick once again showed who is the best in the world when it comes to vert riding.
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Riders In Rods Getting Ribs

To celebrate the Austin MotoGP event, Alpinestars put Jorge Lorenzo and Jamie Bestwick in a 49 Ford Shoebox to cruise around Austin, Texas to get ribs. Man, I love this thing, especially the conversation between these two and of course because of the car. I laughed a lot.
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