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Oskars Zajarskis Welcome To Superstar

Oskars Zajarskis aka OZ is the newest addition to the Superstar team and to make things officially he recently hit up the Monster Park in Riga, Latvia with Janis Cunculis to film some dope moves and lines for the welcome to the team edit. Edited by Ed Zunda.
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Par BMX X Mental – Barcelona Trip Video

Par BMX and Mental rider made a two week long trip earlier this year to Barcelona, Spain, to escape the cold weather and to enjoy the sun and the amazing spots. Riding from Janis Cunculis, Juris Strautmanis, Kristaps Reimanis, Mathieu Peladan and Mareks Kuhalskis. This is an absolute must see, because it includes tons and tons of amazing moves, especially from the Ed guy.
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Janis Cunculis For Proper

Janis Cunculis getting things done at the Monster indoor skatepark for his sponsor Proper and everything he does is with such a dope style. I also need to mention that the filming and editing of this piece is also really well, so hit play above and enjoy.
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Proper 2012 Re-Mix

Here is a 2012 re-mix edit from Proper, that at first place should be a best of edit, but they still found some unused clips and made this instead. Featuring Shaun Jinks, Max Wood, Jamie Guile, Janis Cunculis, Joris Coulomb, Mike Miller, Gav Shortall and Sam Cunningham.
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Par BMX – Best Of 2012

Par BMX also decided to threw together the best clips they filmed over the past year and mix them with a few never before seen lines. Riding from Ed Zunda, Ruslan Kurilin, Janis Cunculis, Kristaps Reimanis, Juris Strautmanis, Oskars Zajarskis and Arturs Grikis. Rest in peace Arturs.
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Odyssey – Ed Zunda’s Hawaiian Vacation By Janis Cunculis

Ed Zunda’s and Janis Cuncluis’ entry for The Hunt’s 2012 Gold Rush video contest was the winning video and one of the prizes they get was a vacation in Hawaii. Latvian riders Ed and Janis sure enjoyed the sun, beach and all those spots they found and came back with a really good quick edit for Ed’s newest sponsor, Odyssey. The 360 over the set of stairs was huge.
If you missed the Mellon 7’s interview we did with Ed, you can read it now.
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Toms Zarans – 2h Session At Monsterpark

Tom Zarans spent 2 hours at the Monsterpak in Riga, Latvia the other day and filmed these grind stunts with Janis Cunculis for all us to check out. Nice and chill with a funny intro (I just can not remember which movie that was, damn).

Proper City Series Vol 3 – Bilbao

Proper came out with the third episode of their City Series, where they sent Jamie Guile, Janis Cunculis and Sam Cunningham to Bilbao, Spain to explore the city. This is is offering so much and it also has some crazy locals (if you will watch till the end, you will know what I am talking about).
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Troja Session

Eduards Zunda, Janis Cunculis and Toms Zarans had a really solid session recently at the Troja skatepark in Latvia. Troja is a small skatepark, but looks so much fun to ride. Enjoy.
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Mental – Janis Cunculis

Mental BMX rider Janis Cunculis came out with a quick new edit filmed on the street spots of Riga, Latvia. For only a minute and a half this edit features some proper shredding. Enjoy.
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