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Savakas Canada – Jared Chilko Edit

Jared Chilko | Savakas Canada from Savakas on Vimeo.

UK clothing brand, Savakas, that expanded their product base to Canada is supporting Jared Chilko and to say thank for everything, Jared filmed this rad black and white edit. I must say, Jared is for sure one of the most stylish goofy footed riders and this one is a good proof.
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Jared Chilko Welcome To United

It has been a while since we last saw something on the world wide web from Jared Chilko. A news just dropped that Jared joined the United world team through 1664 Distribution over in Canada and this is his welcome to the team edit. Even if Chilko is a goofy footed riders, he still has such an amazing style of riding.
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Gleamin’ – NMTBS

Some really good riding, some fooling around and yet again some even more good riding from Jordan Hango, Taylor Elvy, Matt Desson, Mike Boag, Jared Chilko, Luke Santucci, Dillon Lloyd and more.
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Jared Chilko Off Superstar

No story and reason why Jared Chilko decided to parted ways with his sponsor Superstar, maybe already some other future plans, that he do not want to talk about at the moment.
“After many years with us, Jared Chilko decided to leave Superstar, to become again a regular rider. Thanks for all these years together and enjoy your new status!”

Embassy X Superstar – Jared Chilko Fall 2012

Superstar rider Jared Chilko came out with a rad new street edit, filmed by the guys over at Northern Embassy. Jared is definitely one of the most stylish goofy riders out there. When you are done watching, click here and read an interview that Embassy just dropped with him.
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Embassy – Cody Sisler

Cody Sisler bringing out his style and showing you his skills at this concrete skatepark and a few street spots. Special guest clip from Rob Harvey, filmed by Jared Chilko.

Jared Chilko Superstar Ad

This week Superstar started doing a series of focus on their products, starting with their Nylon pedals and Jared Chilko putting them in use with an up pedal ice grind.

Jared Chilko Superstar Ad

Superstar’s latest print ad, that is featured in the second issue of the Figure BMX magazine, features Jared Chilko with a perfect turndown to fakie and overdrive cassette hub. Check full sized ad after the jump.
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Mellon 7’s: Jared Chilko

Superstar, Savakas and Unicorn Distribution rider Jared Chilko from Edmonton Alberta, Canada sat down with us and answered on seven questions for this week’s Mellon 7’s interview. You like blond girls? Read what Jared has to say about them after the jump and also make sure you watch his latest edit.
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Embassy X Superstar – Jared Chilko 2012

Superstar rider Jared Chilko is one of those really stylish goofy riders out there that can ride everything they want. Over clicked turndowns, long nose manuals, pedal icepick grinds, sick ghost feeble grinds and more. Brought to you by Northern Embassy.
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