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Hunt And Fergusson Skateparks Session

Four minutes of really good skatepark riding from Justin Spriet, Jared Duncan, Jacob Bush, Brandon Smith and Beau Harmon, filmed during a session at the Hunt and Fergusson skateparks. Ton of hot stuff in here for you to check out.
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Jared Duncan And Jordan Reeder Split Edit

A solid street split edit featuring Jared Duncan and Jordan Reeder. These kids pulled tons of awesome stuff for this one, from big moves to jibbing around, so I am sure you’ll gonna enjoy every second of it, especially the last few seconds.
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PQ Skatepark Mix

Justin Spriet dropped a really solid mix edit from one day filming at the PQ skatepark with Jordan Reeder, Jacob Bush, Cameron Ecclefield, Jared Duncan, Justin Spriet, Jack Barber and Kory Collins. Tons and tons of rad moves. Enjoy.
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Aerial Guerrilla Rails Session

Aerial Guerrilla Rails is a rail building and designing company that are making all sorts of stuff for all you grinders out there. Watch Beau Harmon, Jordan Reeder, Justin Spriet, Jared Duncan, Joel Bush, Jacob Bush, Jack Barber and Chris McMilan having a session on a flat and up rail to test these things out.