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Sideways BMX Dirt Jumping With TJ Ellis

Heath Pinter’s backyard trails course is getting it’s annual make over and here is TJ Ellis along with Heath and Jared Eberwein having one last session on this design of the course.
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Story Behind The Photo – Jared Eberwein’s Ride BMX, Issue 195 Cover

Crooked World dropped a quick little story behind Jared Eberwein’s photo that covered the 195th issue of the Ride BMX magazine. This is Jared’s first ever cover and he sure is pumped about it, well, who wouldn’t be.
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New Ride BMX Cover, Issue 195

Jared Eberwein scored the cover for the 195th issue of the Ride BMX magazine with this proper 360, shot by Keith Mulligan. Find out what is inside this issue by check out their web site.

Jared Eberwein – Metal Vs Plastic

Just a quick little edit from Free Agent’s Jared Eberwein telling you why he rides metal pedals instead of plastic.

Profile Racing – Jared Eberwein’s Signature Cotton Candy Mini And Elite Hubs

Last year Jared Eberwein’s signature colorway of Profile Racing hubs were teal with pink base splatter and this years’ Mini and Elite hubs, available in a limited amount, will come with pink base and teal splatters. If you are into wild colors and you want to stand out from the crowd, these are perfect for you.

How To 360 Tailwhip With Jared Eberwein

You know hot to pull a straight tailwhip and a 360 over a set of dirt jump, or over a jump box? If so, it is time to watch Jared Eberwein who will teach you how to pull a 360 tailwhip in this episode of Alli Sports’ Step By Step series. Get all the tips you need, before you kill yourself. Jared also adds a variation of this trick at the end, to get you an idea what you can do with it.
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Jared Eberwein – Power Hour

Power Hour: Jared Eberwein – More BMX Videos

Now lets see what Jared Eberwein can pull in one hour. You wanna know? He can pull big flips, triple tailwhips, 360 tailwhips to barspins, g-turns and much much more. And on top of all these sick tricks, he goes with style and pulls everything smoothly.
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Profile Racing – Florida To Georgia Divided Outtakes

Leftover footage from Profile Racing’s Florida to Georgia week long road trip they took back in late April featuring both Dillon and Shane Leeper, Kent and Mason Pearson, Ricky Moseley, Jared Eberwein and Mark Mulville. Filmed and edited by Matt Coplo. You missed the original video? Go and watch it now, it pretty much is a must.
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Profile Racing – Florida To Georgia Divided Edit

This was a Dig exclusive video and is documenting Profile Racing’s trip through Florida and Georgia. Dillon Leeper, Ricky Moseley, Mark Mulville and Jared Eberwein were the four guys who went on a trip and hit various street, skatepark and trails spots along the way. Came back with this awesome five minutes long web video that is stacked with dope action clips.
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Free Agent – Jared Eberwein At Brookhurst Skatepark

Free Agent rider Jared Eberwein recently hit the Brookhurst concrete skatepark for a session and for a chat with a “old school BMX pro.” Jared’s has so much skills and so much style and everything he does looks so smooth, easy and clean.
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