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Fit High Top Stem Promo w/ Jared Swafford

Jared Swafford heads over to Empire to put a black Fit Hight Top stem on his bike and later visits the House skatepark in Austin, Texas to give it a go. Jared also tells you all the specs and nails down plenty of goodness. Check it out, cause last manual whip was bananas. Filmed and edited by Stew Johnson.
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Fit FAF 2.4 Tires Promo With Jared Swafford

Jared Swafford put on the new Fit FAF tires in size 2.40″ and took them to a test session to this fun little skatepark in Tulsa, OK. If your wrists hurt when dropping big then this might be the right pick for you. And one more thing, who doesn’t want fat tires these days?
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Fit – Tom Dugan And Co In Kansas

Fit’s Shawn McIntosh, Jared Swafford, Dan Conway and Joel Barnett took a trip to Tom Dugan’s homeland of Kansas a few weeks ago to get some shredding done at Tom’s local concrete skatepark. They ended up the trip with a nice collection of footage, which is now ready for you to check out. Plenty of goodness in here. Filmed and edited by Stew Johnson.
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Fit “Kansas In The Can”

Fit is currently working on a new DVD and their recent trip was to homeland of Tom Dugan, Kansas. Stew Johnson snapped a few photos of Tom, Jared Swafford, Shawn McIntosh, Dan Conway and Joel Barnett, that you can now check in the flipbook above.

Jared Swafford Fit Ad

One really proper double peg to tailwhip out from Jared Swafford for Fit’s latest print ad that is running in the latest issue of the Ride BMX magazine. Jared sad that these are the first cranks he hasn’t bent or twisted.

Jared Swafford Fixed Jams

Jared Swafford changed his BMX bike for a fixie bike for a few sessions at the House concrete skatepark in Austin, Texas, teamed up with Jeremie Infelise and filmed one really ridiculous edit, full of insane moves. I know this is not a BMX edit, but the riding in here is very BMX orientated, so hit play and enjoy the craziness. Guest appearance by Matt Nordstrom.
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Jared Swafford’s California Vacation

Jared Swafford – California Vacation – More BMX Videos

Street and skatepark riding around southern California from Fit rider Jared Swafford, who took a trip there all the way from Austin, Texas. If you don’t have an idea what to pull out of a smith grind, or how to get a combo done using this grind, Jared is the right name to watch and to get ideas from.
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Fit Key Guard Sprocket Promo

Jared Swafford and Justin Spriet putting Fit’s new Key Guard sprocket to a proper test for this promo they just dropped. I kinda like the whole idea of the sprocket guard and combining it together with sprocket as one solid piece. Get it and don’t worry about breaking your chain anymore.
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S&M Ramp Jam At Sierra Bicycle Works

S&M Ramp Jam at Sierra Bicycle Works – More BMX Videos

Dan Norvell, Jared Swafford, Matt Closson, Jourdan Barba, Chad Johnston and more threw a pretty solid session down at the parking lot in front of the Sierra Bicycle Works shop on this fun looking ramp/rail/ledge/stairs trailer.
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Jared Swafford Bike Check

Fit shot photos for this flipbook with Jared Swafford and his Shawn McIntosh machine last week, so you know this bike check is fresh, but raw. Jared also filmed a how to last week, so if you wanna check that bike in action and learn a new trick you should watch it now.