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Federal – Jason Eustathiou 2014 Edit

Athens, Greece base shredder, Jason Eusthathiou put his pegs, his freecoaster and of course all his skills to the streets and came out with one amazing edit for his sponsor Federal. This kid is going really technical with his riding, so all you who like tech stuff, check him out.
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Federal BMX – Barcelona Photo Book

Federal BMX crew went on a trip to Barcelona, Spain where they filmed the amazing web video, we’ve all seen already, but today, Seventies is dropping this photo book, that includes photos from the adventure, shot by George Marshall. The riding in the video was nuts and so are all the photos from Dan Lacey, Bruno Hoffmann, Matty Long, Stevie Churchill, Roy Van Kempen, Mehdi Vivens, Michal Smelko and Jason Eustathiou.
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Federal BMX – Barcelona 2013

I think this is the video we were all waiting for over the past couple of days and now it is finally out and it definitely was worth the wait. Federal riders Dan Lacey, Bruno Hoffmann, Matty Long, Stevie Churchill, Roy Van Kempen, Medhi Vivens, Michal Smelko and Jason Eustathiou spent nine days in Barcelona, Spain riding and filming and this is the final product they released. All of the riders completely murdered each and every spot they hit, but I think it is safe to say that Stevie is the guy that stood out. I am still waiting the clip of that massive 360 from Dan. Enjoy.
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A Monday With Federal Bikes In Barcelona

Right after the Simple Session 2013 Federal Bikes crew went on a trip to Barcelona, Spain to film for their new project. Fernando Gomarin Olaiz was the guy who was showing them all the spots around the city and also the guy who spent an entire Monday with them to show you how their trip looked like. Riding all day, partying all night. Featuring Dan Lacey, Bruno Hoffman, Stevie Churchill, Jason Eustathiou, Michael Smelko, Roy Van Kempen, Medhi Vivens, Charly Reed, Will Evans, George Marshall photographer and Ema Scutella.
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Jason Eustathiou Box Session

Watch Jason Eustathiou shredding boxes and also rails in the middle of a stadium over the course of short twenty minutes. 20 minutes is a really short time for pulling all those tricks and also have time to wear anonymous mask.
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Jason Eustathiou Edit

This guy Jason Eustathiou was pretty busy over the past year, stacking clip on the streets. This new edit he came out with is full of goodness and great moves, but the last grind combo was definitely the highlights. There is also a big amount of crashes in this one, if you are into it.
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Ride On “Under The Sun” BCN Summer Trip

The video from Greek’s Ride ON distribution “Under The Sun” is here, ready to start watching. Dimos Ganiatsas, Jason Eustathiou, Dani Pouliounakis, John Manaras and Vaggelis Dimosthenous spent their time over the August in Barcelona, Spain, riding, filming and having tons of fun. Enjoy.
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Primo – Jason Eustathiou

I am not that familiar with this guy Jason Eustathiou, but I must say that he completely blew out my mind with this edit. He is a Primo rider from Greece who is getting support through Ride On. Just press play button and you will know what I am talking about.