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Pastranaland Ep 3 – Team Warrior

Jed Mildon, Zack Warden and Cam McCaul from the Nitro Circus are having fun over at the Pastranaland shredding ramps and big airs. We are talking about three dudes who are far from being scared of going big, wild and insane. I would love to visit this place and give it a go.
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Nitro Circus – Worst BMX Crashes

I am still not 100% sure if I am doing the right things posting this up here, but let it be. Here is a compilation of the worst BMX crashes that Nitro Circus riders took during practices and shows. Featuring James Foster, Jed Mildon, Jaie Toohey, Andy Buckworth, Chad Kagy and more. Mental.
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Nitro Circus Macau, China Highlights

Nitro Circus Macau, China Highlights – More BMX Videos

James Foster, Andy Buckworth, Jaie Toohey, Matt Whyatt, Jed Mildon and Brandon Loupos all going insane at Nitro Circu’s first ever live show in Asia. Big stuff and big stuff only, nothing else. Everyone is going insane during these shows and yes, I would love to see them live one day.
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Crazy Dirt Jump Session With Jaie Toohey, Cam White And Jed Mildon

Unit always know what is a crazy dirt jump session, especially when it come to Cam White’s backyard. He and his mate recently finished with building bigger and faster jumps and instantly threw a session down. This is insanity. High speed, massive airs and ridiculous tricks. Must see.
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Paul Langlands Yard Sessions Trailer

Paul Langlands invited some heavy hitters to his backyard trails place in New Zealand for a weekend of riding and filming. Here is a quick look at what to expect from the edit that is dropping very soon. Trails madness.

Jed Mildon – World First Double Backflip Tailwhip

Are you kidding me?! During the Nitro Circus Live show at the Westpac Stadium in Wellington, New Zealand on Saturday, February 9th, Jed Mildon pulled the first ever double backflip tailwhip. How can he pull a trick like that so perfectly?
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Nitro Circus Live – Life In The Circus W/ Jed Mildon

Go behind the scenes of Nitro Circus Live with the first man who ever pulled a triple backflip and also the newest addition to the crew, Jed Mildon. Besides his signature The Warrior trick, Jed can pull just everything he wants.
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2012 Farm Jam – Kyle Baldock, Hucker, TJ Ellis & Jed Mildon

“Featuring Dew Tour winner Kyle Baldock, along with BMX dirt legends Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark, TJ Ellis, Jed Mildon, Andrew Ahumada and many more, the 2012 Unit Farm Jam went down recently in the deep south of New Zealand.
Presented by Unit Clothing, the Farm Jam is located on the picturesque Frew Farm. The Frew brothers have spent years carving the amazing one-of-a-kind dirt courses out of the rolling green hillsides that surround their family home, and love to invite riders from all around the world to experience it with them.
Imagine endless rolling hills, your own digging machinery, private fishing spots, bikes and a heap of good friends to share it with!
Take a trip with Kyle, Hucker, TJ and the rest of the crew as they let loose on the secluded farm. Not just a regular contest, the Farm Jam is an experience.”
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Jed Mildon – World First Triple Backflip Story

Jed Mildon: World First Triple Backflip Story from Unit Clothing on Vimeo.

“On 28 May 2011 Unit BMX rider Jed Mildon attempted and successfully landed the first-ever Triple Backflip on a bike in his hometown of Taupo, New Zealand. In just three days the videos of Jed’s incredible achievement have reached almost 4 million views online, cementing his name into action-sports folklore. This new video takes you behind the scenes of the whole project to give you an idea of the commitment it’s taken Jed to accomplish the Triple Backflip. Jed might’ve made the final successful jump look easy, but what it has taken him to reach that point is far from it. NZ rider Jake Prebble joins Jed at the main event, and throws down some massive front flip tricks as well.”Unit Clothing

World First Triple Backflip – Official Clip

I know that everyone saw this already but I need to put up this one also because it is official clip from wolrd’s first triple backflip pulled on Saturday, May 28th by Jed Mildon.