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Calling The Shots With Daniel Martinez

Daniel Martinez aka Lil D and Jeff Cadger met up downtown Los Angeles to film for a new Calling The Shots episode for Crooked World. Cadger and a bunch of other are calling tricks and Lil D is pulling them with ease and with style.
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The Gully Factory – Overdue G.F.E.

Jeff Wescott has all bunch of footage laying around hid hard disk and decided it is time to throw them together in this new Overdue G.F.E. mix edit for The Gully Factory. Featuring riding from Robbie Owen, Dan Hylton, Shawn McIntosh, Jeff Cadger, Josh Eilken, Joey Motta, Jeff Wescott, Ass Dan and Austin Kraemer.
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Jeff Cadger Edit

Jeff Cadger and Tommy Blanco came out freaking solid with this new web edit. Jeff is destroyed every single spot in this edit with his no-fear style of riding. The crooked grind to hop over 180, that long double peg grind straight into an icepick grind and last toothpick hangover grind, damn. Must see.
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BSD “Living For The City” Part Three

It is really ridiculous how much quality, good and amazing stuff BSD crew filmed over the six months in Glasgow, Scotland.This last part, part three, features unbelievable stuff from Dan Paley, Jeff Cadger and Alex Donnachie. It may be a Christmas morning and you may be with you family, but right after you will turn on your computer do me a favor and watch this video. You wont regret it.
In case you missed it:
Part 1.
Part 2.
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Woozy Wednesday – BMX Street Montage

Woozy is back with the second installment in the new “Woozy Wednesday” web series featuring Ben Hucke, Jeff Cadger, David Grant, Chris Doyle, Reed Stark, Matt Merkese, Alex Vazquez, Drew York, Joey Motta, Bobby Kanode, Tony Malouf, Adam22, Trent McDaniel, Chris Brown, Lil Kyle and Clayton Shultz.
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The Gully Factory – Clippeach – Kelvingrove Park

The Gully Factory is here with another short clip in their “Clippeach” section featuring Jeff Cadger, David Grant, Jordan Gosling, Alex Donnachie and Reed Stark warming up at the Kelvingrove skatepark in Glasgov, Scotland.

The Gully Factory – Clippeach – DP Park

Here is another one in the series of shorts web clips from The Gully Factory called “Clippeach” with Matt Markese, Josh Eilken and Jeff Cadger riding the Desplaine park in Illinois. If you missed the first one, click here.

The Gully Factory – Clippeach – MP Park

Thanks guys, this song really made me laugh. Watch Jeff Cadger, Mark Markese and Lil’ Kris hitting the Mount Prospect skatepark for a quick The Gully Factory web edit. One clip from each.

BSD 30% Chance Of Sun, 2012 UK Shop Tour

This summer the BSD team traveled 1,500 miles through the UK for their shop tour, visiting 20Twenty Store, Evans, Mode, Alpha, Crucial and The Source bike shop and filmed some really amazing riding along the way. Watch Dan Paley, Alex Donnachie, Jeff Cadger, Sven Hackett, Reed Stark, Kriss Kyle, David Grant and more in action above. Must see.
Filmed and edited by Dave Sowerby with additional filming by Tony Malouf, David Grant, Alex Donnachie and Grant Smith.
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ODI “Black Book” DVD Trailer #1

Trailer for ODI’s “Black Book” DVD that will be dropping in the spring of 2013. Jeff Cadger, Tony Malouf, Kevin Kiraly and Alex Raban along with Patrick Taber, Mark Rubio, Josh Alderete, Victor Galindo and Brendon Reith will be all killing it in this one. Trailer shows some crazy stuff.
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