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Jeff Evans Hevil Edit

Jeff Evans HEVIL Edit from S.S mixtapes on Vimeo.

If you are into pegs and stuff, then I am 100% sure you will enjoy watching this new Jeff Evans Hevil edit. Jeff is going regular and opposite and he is killing rails and ledges on the streets and at skateparks. Hit it.
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Day In The Life Of Jeff Evans

Guys over at Northern Embassy spent a cold November day with Jeff Evans and managed to film enough stuff for this day in the life edit. Cat feeding, breakfast and coffee and tons of solid shredding.

Northern Embassy – Jeff Evans In Embajada En Barcelona

I think I will let Northern Embassy speak about this Jeff Evan’s section from Embajada En Barcelona, cause it’s one wild comment.
“I bet Jeff a ticket to an Oilers VS Canucks game that he wouldn’t come to Barcelona… a few days later (with some help from 1664 and Quintin) he was booked for Barcelona and also going to a hockey game. It’s safe to say Jeff went the hardest of anyone on this trip, from chugging whiskey the first night in Barcelona super jet lagged and out drinking everyone in the house the rest of the time, wrestling/foot stomping people, going hard every night wherever people were heading to, trying to steal Prashant’s bed, Ola-ing the shit out of every girl in sight, shredding hard no matter everyday and making sure every person staying at the Embassy crib got the run through of all of his kitty pictures on his lap top every couple nights, Jeff kept things interesting.”
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Killemall – Halloween Leeside Jam

Killemall distribution organized a Halloween Jam at the legendary Leeside spot in Vancouver. Beers were there, riders came and the party started. Featuring riding from Dirty Dave Myers, Brand Van Dulken, Chris Smith, Matt Desson, Jordan Hango, Jeff Evans and more.

Jeff Evans Welcome To Ten Pack

Guys over at Ten Pack distribution are stoked to welcome Jeff Evans to their team, who will be representing Skavenger. Jeff is a stylish riders who knows how to grind rails and ledges. Watch his welcome to the team edit, riding street around Vancouver, above.

6 Clips With Jeff Evans

Here are six clips with Jeff Evan’s for Northern Embassy. This sure is a quick edit, but the riding gets pretty serious, especially the opposite double peg on that kinked rail.

Canada Day Long Weekend Camping

“While a good amount of Canadian riders were filming for our Summer of Fun contest Canada Day long weekend, a few of us wanted to take a trip and also enjoy the long weekend. The original idea was to head to the Victoria but the weather there was looking sketchy, Vancouver weather was in full effect and it looked like everywhere besides the interior was guaranteed rain. We rode a bit on Friday evening in Coquitlam, made plans Saturday and headed towards the interior Sunday morning. We’ve started to receive edits for the Summer of Fun contest and we are very anxious to show you all of them but in the mean time here’s a little edit we threw together of our own Summer of Fun Canada Day long weekend. Featuring Jeff Evans, Jeff Bedard, Marc Boudreau and myself (Jeremy Deme) with guest appearance from Adam Piatek and his buddy.”Northern Embassy

1664 Summer Trip Teaser

“Last summer we hit the road with some of the team for a week, between the Shake The Lake Bonesaw Jam, and the Rad 25th Anniversary Jam to get some of the team together, and to ride bikes. Everything didn’t exactly go according to plan on our destinations, and what we had initially wanted to do with the footage… Either way it was a great trip, and we look forward to the next one. We are going to be releasing each riders clips from the trip in web edits over the next while, so keep your eyes peeled for new footage from Isaac Barnes, Matt Desson, Jeff Evans, Andrew Schubert, and Jordan Dwan. Here’s the teaser from the trip, more to come soon.”1664.

Gleamin’ – Screamin

Canadian riders Matt Walser, Jaumell Campbell, Jeff Evans, Greg Flag, Luke Santucci, Matt Desson, Andy Roode, Mike Boag, Jordan Hango and Taylor Elvy in the new Gleamin’ edit called Screamin.

1664/ODI – Jeff Evans

Jeff Evans from Surrey mixtapes on Vimeo.

1664 Distribution/ODI rider Jeff Evans showing his bike skills riding street and park spots.