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The Gully Factory – Josh Eilken Park Piece

Josh Eilken built himself up a fresh new Deco setup with Madera and Sun Ringle parts and took it to a few local concrete skateparks to test them out. Jeff Wescott was with him capturing a few moves here and there, which ended up making this rad new park piece.
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The Gully Factory – Jeff Wescott 2013 Edit

Jeff Wescott has been really busy lately and it paid off, because this new The Gully Factory web edit, filmed and edited by Tony Malouf, is insane. So much big stuff in here, but that super fast barspin gap was probably the biggest. You better start watching this piece now.
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The Gully Factory – Clippeach – Camelback Plaza

The Gully Factory is back with a new piece in the series of Clippeach episodes featuring Liam Zingbergs, Jeff Wescott, Robbie Owen and Tony Malouf getting things done at the Camelback plaza.
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The Level Below “Chick’n Nugg’t” – Mix 3

The third mix section and tenth overall section from The Level Below’s “Chick’n Nugg’t” video, made by Jeff Klugiewicz, is all about Tony Neyer, Sean Morr, Logan Reynolds, Jeff Wescott, Jake Geisel, Timmy Theus and Brian Kachinsky. This is solid from the first second to the last and I highly recommend you to watch it.
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The Gully Factory – Overdue G.F.E.

Jeff Wescott has all bunch of footage laying around hid hard disk and decided it is time to throw them together in this new Overdue G.F.E. mix edit for The Gully Factory. Featuring riding from Robbie Owen, Dan Hylton, Shawn McIntosh, Jeff Cadger, Josh Eilken, Joey Motta, Jeff Wescott, Ass Dan and Austin Kraemer.
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The Gully Factory – Clippeach – Two Bench Spot

It has been a little while since we saw the last installment in The Gully Factory’s Clippeach, but here we are now with a fresh new one featuring Joey Motta, Liam Zingbergs and Jeff Wescott all throwing down one hot line.
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Felt BMX – Joey Motta Vegas Video

Joey Motta visited Las Vegas recently to hang out with the homies and to get some filming done for his sponsor Felt BMX. Joey definitely has a one of a kind style of riding, full of kickflips, fast moves and a fully extended superman here and there. Filmed and edited by Jeff Wescott.
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The Gully Factory – Clippeach – C-Mart Ledges

The Gully Factory crew, Austin Aughinbaugh, Josh Eilken, Tony Malouf and Jeff Wescott, having a warm up session at the C-Mart ledges, while Freddy Kruger will scare the crap out of you.
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Tammy McCarley, David Grant & Jeff Wescott Of Coalition

It has been officially announced that Tammy McCarley, David Grant and Jeff Wescott have parted ways with their sponsor Coalition. More news on their future plans to come.

The Gully Factory – Clippeach – Water Park Ditch

Jeff Wescott, David Grant, Austin Aughinbaugh and Tony Malouf all hit the water park ditch spot in Arizona for a quick session and to get a new installment in The Gully Factory’s short “Clippeach” web series done. This short edits, with only one clip from each rider are pretty cool.
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