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Tempered – Jerry Vandervalk 2014 Edit

Jerry Vandervalk ~ Tempered 2014 from TEMPERED on Vimeo.

These are all clips from Jerry Vandervalk that were originally filmed for Stu Munro’s video, but unfortunately they weren’t used, so Tempered decided to throw them together and make a new edit for the brand. Jerry is a shredder and thank god all this footage didn’t go to waste.
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Coppin’ It Sweet DVD Premier

If you saw the trailer already (if you didn’t, watch it below), you know “Coppin’ It Sweet” DVD is the newest product from Australian filmer Stewart Munro. Find all that you need to know about the premier above.
Video will be featuring Raphale Jermoa-Williams, Jerry Vandervalk, Mitchell McDonald, Marc Arnold, Calvin Kosovich and Clint Millar plus guests Rob Wise, Alex Hiam, Kym Grosser and others.

Crispy Stream – DJ Basspound Mix

Six minutes of goodness from Down Under from the Crispy Stream thrown together in this DJ Basspound Mix. Brock Olive, Jerry Vandervalk, Nick Kajewski and many more. A great mix of street and skatepark riding in here. The riding in here is on a high level and this is pretty much what to be expected from a crew of riders like Crispy is. Start clicking on that play button now.
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Coppin’ It Sweet DVD Trailer

Coppin’ It Sweet is the newest work from Australian filmer Stewart Munro and this is the official trailer to show you what the video will be all about. It has been filmed all around the world and will feature riding from Raphael Jeroma-Williams, Jerry Vandervalk, Mitchell McDonald, Marc Arnold, Calvin Kosovich and Colony’s founder Clint Millar along with friends.
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Everyday Is A Saturday Part 3.5

2020 BMX Magazine forgot to upload this earlier, but it was definitely worth the wait. The 3.5 part from Troy Charlesworth’s “Everyday Is A Saturday” video features two street killers, Jerry Vandervalk and Nick Kajewski. These two are going big with rail grinding. Really solid.
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House Of Hammers Road Trip

Some of the Triplesix team riders, Raph Jeroma-Williams, Jerry Vandervalk, Mike Vockenson, Mitchell Wood and Sam Cummins, took a trip from Brisbane to Sydney, Australia in October 2012 for the 2020 House Of Hammers rail contest. While on the road they stopped at several skateparks and street spots and filmed enough clips for this awesome road trip edit. There is also some crazy stuff in here from the contest.
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Crispy Stream – Shit Fucking Mixtape

Guys over at Crispy Stream dropped this nine minutes long mixtape, titled as “Shit Fucking Up” and features some really amazing riding from Brock Olive, Nick K, Samson Ross, Ben Crack, Trent O’Leary, Mitch Crack, Jerry Vandervalk, Mike Vockenson and more. Australians always bring out some amazing stuff. Enjoy.

2020 “That’s What’s Up” DVD Trailer

It looks like 2020 BMX’s new “That’s What’s Up” DVD, by Troy Charlesworth will be as crazy as it gets. Full section from Jerry Vandervalk, Nick Kajewski, Mike Vockenson and Liam Zingbergs along with others, filmed in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, China and the USA. Ender in this trailer is nuts.
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Tempered – Jerry Vandervalk & Nick Kajewski Quickfire

Jerry Vandervalk’s and Nick Kajewski’s “Quickfire” edit for Tempered, they were working on over the past few months around the spots of Southern QLD and Northern NSW, Australia. These two really are both ledge and rail masters, so prepare yourself for some proper grinding stuff.
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Strictly BMX – Jerry Vandervalk’s Shop Clips

I would love to see my local shop having ledges and space to get some riding done in it. Jerry Vandervalk is lucky, cause Strictly BMX has a flat ledge and an up ledge that he put in use recently.