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Jimmy Levan Remembers His First X Games

ESPN caught up with Jimmy Levan to talk about his first X Games experience back in 1995, where he competed in dirt contest. I must tell you, that I would really love to see Jimmy shredding his bike in a web edit this year. This guy need to make a fresh new one.
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Rudimental – Waiting All Night Feat. Ella Eyre (Official Video)

There has been a lot of music video already made with BMX riding in them and here is another one featuring Aaron Nardi, Jush Allen, Huy Doan, Ryan Metro, Jimmy Levan and Danny Downey. Usually the songs and the videos is something I am not really into, but the heck with it, I like that BMX is getting bigger all the time.

Afternoon Delight – Trail Life

If you are down for a good song, sun and some trails riding, I am sure this is the edit for you. Mitch Mckelvey and Andrew Johnson joined Jimmy Levan (yep, Jimmy Levan) and Kohl Denney for a session at the Fury trails in San Diego, California and here is all the goodness captured for you to check out.
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Props Issue 42 – Metal Bikes Road Trip

Props is back with another classic section from their Props Issue 42 video. This one features the Metal Bikes’ road trip they took from St. Louis to Colorado. Featuring Jimmy Levan, Dan Price, Jeremy Davis, Gay Brad, Derrick Gabert, Mike Griffin, Joe Carnall, Seth Holton, Mike Lausman and locals. Keep them coming Props.
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Jimmy Levan Back On S&M

Jimmy Levan has been representing S&M from 1991 to 1996, when he left to ride for Huffy. If you already searched the new S&M page, you saw that now they added Jimmy back on the team. Hopefully we will be seeing some new footage from him in the near future.

Jimmy Levan And The Austin Church Gap

If you have seen the Props Road Fools 1, than you know about the big gap that Jimmy Levan pulled in Austin and if you haven’t press play and be amazed. When you are done watching, click here and read an interview Props made with Jimmy about this gap he pulled back in 1998 and what he’s been up to lately.
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Mitch McKelvey Killing San Diego

OB Mitch Killing San Diego – More BMX Videos

Mitch McKelvey mixes trails and skatepark riding around San Diego, California spots in this recent edit of him, with special guest appearance from no other that Jimmy Levan himself. Mitch shreds hard and it is also awesome to see some action from Jimmy.
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Ride BMX Magazine Twenty Year Party

Ride BMX threw down a party and session to celebrate their twentieth year of publishing at their indoor skatepark, inviting a bunch of riders like Jimmy Levan, Hoang Tran, Chris Ariaga, Joe Riley, Tammy McCarley and many more. Enjoy.
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Jimmy Levan On BMXing & Metal Bikes

“Jimmy Levan is the man behind Metal Bikes and as a BMXer himself he can personally speak to the hardships that come with running a company, being an active rider all while trying not to overdose on the thing you love. We catch up with Jimmy to get his take on getting started in BMX as a punk-rock member of his “X-Men”, entrepreneurship and mixing his passion for the sport with the business of making a living. Check in with Jimmy Levan and let him take you Inside BMX.”Alli
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Props Issue 29 – Memphis MTV Sports & Music Festival

“Classic section from Props Issue 29, circa 1998/99. Featuring street, dirt, and vert by Jimmy Levan, Robbo, TJ Lavin, Groundchuck, Brian Foster, Jay Miron, John Parker, Brian Castillo, Joe Rich, Mike Escamilla, Luc-e, Cory Nastazio, Ryan Nyquist, Kris Bennett, Dave Mirra, Ron Kimler, Leigh Ramsdell, Shaun Butler, Dave Young, Fuzzy, Butcher, Sandy Carson, Taj Mihelich, Pat Miller, and more.
Music by Benzito. You won’t find it, trust me.”
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