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Rare Air With Joe Rich

Crooked World sat down with BMX legend, Joe Rich, to talk about his early days of BMX, when he was riding a BMX bike, but didn’t even know what BMX really was. Filmed at the T1 headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Perspective 003 – Joe Rich

PERSPECTIVE 003 – JOE RICH from The Diggest on Vimeo.

The Diggest crew is back with another installment in their Perspective series. After Edwin Delarosa and Mike Aitken’s episode they are proud to present you Joe Rich’s version. Find out a lot more from Joe himself in this amazing eleven minutes long video. Filmed and edited by Alex Valentino and Thibaut Grevet.
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Primo – Robbie Morales And Joe Rich “Made In Taiwan”

A classic section featuring Robbie Morales and Joe Rich from the Primo video. If this doesn’t make you stoked about the sport than I think something must not be working right. Tons of rad trails, street and ramps shredding, that you definitely need to check out, even if you saw it a million times already.
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Garrett Byrnes Terrible One Wallpaper

Joe Rich shot this amazing photo of Garrett Byrnes whipping it at the at 9th St. in Austin, Texas. If you wanna set this one as your new desktop background, visit their page and download it in your resolution.

Props Millennium – Best OF 1999 Full Video

Like I sad a few times before, Props always knows how to surprise me and it is with videos like the Props Millennium – Best of 1999, that you can now watch in full above. So awesome. I miss those days and I also miss watching riding from Jay Miron, Tom Haugen, Marcus Wilke, Dave Freimuth and Mike Ardelean. Enjoy.
Featuring Josh Stricker, Dave Osato, Joe Rich, Chad Kagy, Mike Escamilla, Gonz, Dave Freimuth, Mike Ardelean, Ruben Alcantara, Ruel Erickson, Chris Hallman, Chris Duncan, Jay Miron, Zeb Williams, Jimmy Levan, Ian Morris, Cory Nastazio, Andrew Faris, Nate Wessel, Jamie Spritzer, Taj Mihelich, Brian Kachinsky, Ralph Sinisi, Afro Pat, Jim Rienstra, Chris Doyle, Ryan Corrigan, Tom Haugen, Marcus Wilke, Scott Wirsch, Ryan Nyquist and many more.
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Joe Rich So Smoot

If you are a Joe Rich fan, you will definitely like watching him while he cruises around on his fixie. Well, it is not only about fixie what this edit features, it also has some Joe Rich blasting a T1 ramp footage.
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Skapegoat 8

What you will do next is make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, take eleven minutes of your day and watch the new Skapegoat video, cause it includes super good bowls shredding from Joe Rich, Chase Hawk, Sebastian Keep and others. This is so good.
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Ruben Alcantara Rubonics Rumix

Oh my goodness. Never expected this to drop. Joe Rich did a little remix using footage of Ruben Alcantara from the time when he was riding for Macneil. There is too much good stuff in here and even watching it today, when riding is pure madness, it still amazes me.
“Welcome to a blast from the past… Rewind 10 years, and we’ll be in the time frame of what you are about to watch. All of this stuff is so good, and even watching it now reminds me yet again that Ruben can, and always has, been able to do anything that he wants to. Most of the footage in this next edit went towards Ruben’s part in an old Macneil video Stew Johnson put together back in early 2004. At the time, I was just learning how to use Final Cut Pro, and Ruben was riding for Macneil. We were also room mates at the time. So for fun, Ruben gave me some of his footage to play around with during the early days of my thirst for editing. It was a great learning experience for me and I felt lucky to have had Ruben be so generous to me. This edit of course never saw the light of day until now. I figured, well… it’s been 10 years, so it certainly can’t harm anything. “Gimme Danger”, by Iggy and the Stooges was the music track of choice. And my little intro animation came from a photo I stole out of Ruben’s room on one of my early visits to Malaga. So yeah, that’s actually him doing the flip at the beginning. And yeah, I couldn’t even spell his name right either. Definitely a learning experience, ha ha. Enjoy. :)”– Joe Rich
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Joe Rich Bike Check

The legend Joe Rich has a Dig legend setup check over on their site showing you his Terrible One Barcode bike in size 21″. Bike looks pretty much legendary, so click here and check it out.

Skapegoat 7

Animal Bikes’ Bob Scerbo is back with a new installment in his Skapegoat web series, dropping now the 7th video. It features riding from Steven Hamilton, Garrett Byrnes, Stevie Churchill, Rob Dolecki, Dakota Roche, Tom White, Brian Wizmerski, Joe Rich, Garret Hoogerhyde, Jeff Kocsis, Pat King, Bob Scerbo and many more. Besides all the riding you will get tons of bonus, a huge fight, footage of Van Homan breaking his leg and more.